How to conquer a girl?

"I will always be with you! In sorrow and in joy! I will love you forever! ”Many men believe that this is what all the girls want to hear. All, yes, not all! Since you are wondering how to conquer a girl, you are probably lucky enough to love the one for which things are more important than words. Such a woman, if you managed to win her, will be true to you all your life! Want to learn how to conquer a woman? Open the book with children's tales of princes and princesses! Well, for example, the frog princess: what did Vasilisa the Beautiful want from Ivan Tsarevich? Patience, attention, trust and willpower. These qualities are still being sought by women in men. To begin, show a willingness to wait patiently for your chosen one. Ask yourself how much you are willing to wait? Are you ready to give her time to get used to you? Are you ready without putting pressure on her decision to be near?

Basic steps

  1. Start with unobtrusive but daily signs of attention. In the morning, send her an e-mail with a wish of a good day, a couple of times a week, send a bouquet of flowers or a basket of sweets to her at work by courier.You should not bother with calls or SMS, it can be busy and your late call can ruin everything. Be sure to invite her for dates once a week. Choose places to meet in the area of ​​interest: museums, theaters, cinema, horseback riding, exhibitions or concerts. To invite just to sit in a cafe is too trite, and she can not go. But if you send her in the middle of the week a postcard with tickets to the theater on Saturday, I can guarantee that she will come! In no case do not talk about sex, as much as possible to bring the distance closer - kiss the pen for goodbye. Be gallant - women appreciate and love it. If you do not know how to win the heart of a girl, I will tell you, pretend that sex interests you only as a wonderful addition to her love for you. Until she herself begins to give signs that shorten the distance between you, do not take the first step.
  2. When the first stage is completed, you will see it in her behavior. If a girl starts calling you herself, offers to meet or join her for a certain event, then she is ready for the next stage. Now you need to show her your absolute confidence.Introduce her to your friends, tell a couple of secrets about yourself, all the time in communication emphasize that she can rely on you in everything. Never be late, keep your word in any situation, do not promise what you cannot fulfill. Show her that you are ready to do everything to win her heart. But do not bend and do not become henpecked. Maintain a distance of personal space both from her and from your side. Be careful, but not jealous. Jealousy kills love - remember this and try to avoid sharp corners.
  3. Well, and the last - like her relatives and friends. Again, I repeat - be extremely attentive to the requests and interests of her relatives. Try to easily enter the family, but do not impose, it should in no case feel the false or insincere in your words or actions. The best time to go to sex is after a successful trip to her parents. And do not be afraid to seem indecisive in this sense, it touches women.

If you truly love, do not be afraid of time. Stretch as long as possible these gentle and airy relations of the first kisses and first caresses.The brighter they are, the more memories will remain!

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