How to connect the player?

December 19, 2014
How to connect the player?

Many users of a personal computer are often unhappy with the audio system provided by computer speakers, and they want to connect it to a TV and home theater to watch a movie or play with stereo sound. However, connecting to a home theater is often not as simple as it may seem at first glance, especially if you don’t know how to properly connect a DVD player to your computer.

Consider this question in more detail.

How to connect a DVD player to the computer correctly

You can connect a DVD player to your computer in several ways, but you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • You should not try to connect the DVD-player to a personal computer or laptop via usb-wire, especially if the DVD-player of the old generation. Devices may be incompatible at the software level due to the fact that the computer and the player cannot decide who is “superior”. Among other things, usb connectors may not match;
  • You can connect the player in another way, using the SATA-USB cable and the hard drive from the computer.However, in this case, you will have to format the hard disk in the FAT32 file system, which in itself is inconvenient with today's NTFS file system format. In addition, you have to connect the wire directly, opening the computer unit. Perhaps this method is suitable only with a removable disk. But then it will work like a regular flash drive;
  • The best way to connect the player to a computer is to connect via the Minijack-Tulips wire. The minijack is inserted into the sound system of the computer, and the tulips into the DVD player;
  • You can buy a TV tuner or video capture card. Then simply connect the player and the computer through the necessary connectors. However, such equipment will be expensive;
  • If a DVD player enters a home theater, then in this case it will act as an intermediary between the computer and the speaker system. Connecting in this case is simple if the sound card of the computer has a five-channel output.

After connecting, you also need to configure your computer and DVD player.

How to set up a computer and player after connecting

To adapt the sound card of a computer to a new environment,It is necessary on the way “Control Panel - Sound” to set up the equipment for at least five speakers or more, depending on the actual number of speakers connected. This will correct the computer for new equipment and allow sound to be distributed evenly and correctly among the speakers.

In the DVD player, you must specify the correct audio input and output channel in the settings for correct receipt and signal processing.

To adjust the equalizer and sound, you can use the settings of the computer sound card or through the DVD player menu.

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