How to connect the cigarette lighter?

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How to connect the cigarette lighter?

To connect devices such as a mobile phone, laptop, heater, player, video recorder and much more, there is a cigarette lighter in the car. Many motorists are thinking about how to connect the cigarette lighter on their own and do without involving professionals in this process.


To successfully connect, you need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Passatizhi;
  • File (can be replaced with a file);
  • Soldering iron.

Connection Steps

  1. It is necessary to unscrew the nut from the back of the cigarette lighter.
  2. Now you need to disassemble the device on the components.
  3. At the very bottom of the cigarette lighter you need to find a semiconductor wafer (since this part very often causes the device to refuse to work correctly).
  4. The plate must be removed from the device, it is not needed.
  5. With the help of a file, you need to cut a ledge on the device case.
  6. After which the device must be assembled.
  7. Wires for connecting the cigarette lighter should be exposed at the ends of about 7 millimeters.
  8. Crimp on all wires of the terminals.
  9. On the wires it is also necessary to mark the polarity so that during their connection it is not confused and the wires are not connected correctly. Otherwise a short circuit may occur.
  10. Next you need to remove the center console of the car.
  11. It is also better to remove the armrest and the casing at the lever, so it will be much more convenient, although you will have to tinker with this a lot, since you will need to unscrew a few screws, which are in difficult for accessibility places.
  12. Disconnect the backlight wires.
  13. Now you need to remove the block.
  14. Then the wires are connected, for this purpose, special clips for connection are used.
  15. The first wire is connected to the wire from the backlight, which should be white-brown.
  16. The second and third wires should be connected directly to the wires of the cigarette lighter itself, one of the wires should be black and the other should be yellow.
  17. Now you need to take electrical tape and wind the wires in several places so that with further manipulations with them they will not disconnect from each other.
  18. Wires should be dragged down and connected to the cigarette lighter socket.
  19. Set the cigarette lighter in the right place, for this you first need to push the ring from him, then his glass is inserted.
  20. Completes the installation of the backlight unit.

In that case, if suddenly the diameter of the ring does not match, if the ring is wider in diameter than the hole, you will have to use a file (or file) to make the hole similar in diameter. It is very important when connecting not to confuse the wires and connect them correctly. After connecting the device, you should immediately check whether it is functioning normally.

If something is wrong with his work, it means that there are mistakes in the connection that need to be corrected. If everything was connected correctly, the cigarette lighter will work properly, all the necessary devices will be provided with the necessary amount of energy.

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