How to connect radiators?

If you decide to make repairs to your home or your apartment, then do not forget to change the radiators, because there is nothing durable in the world. However, how to connect a heating radiator is a very expensive pleasure, sometimes the cost of work may exceed the cost of the radiators themselves. Based on this, the absolute majority of apartment owners are trying to somehow solve the problem of how to connect a radiator.

Connecting the radiator: tips

The complexity of the installation depends on what kind of radiators the owner of an apartment or house wants to install. For example, aluminum radiators will be much easier, therefore, their connection will be simpler, but cast-iron radiators cannot be established without professional equipment and special skills.

First of all, when buying heating radiators, it is necessary to take into account many nuances, such as: thermal conductivity, from which metal the radiator is made, as well as its cost. For example, bimetallic radiators,which are made of alloys of two metals, it is very easy and simple to install, but their cost does not allow to purchase such radiators to a simple man in the street. However, it is possible to significantly reduce costs through self-connecting radiators, but it is necessary to clearly know and understand that independent connection can sometimes play on quality. Basic principles of how to connect radiators:

  • If you connect radiators yourself, then you need to have the skills to read the diagrams and instructions attached to the radiators. In practice, there are several cases where "experienced" installers do not adhere to the basics of safety, which is specified in the instructions, and this often leads to unintended consequences and accidents. On this basis, before starting the installation work, make sure that the hot water tap is in the closed position. Also, you should not give in to various promotions and discounts on this product, because you only have to guess for the quality of such radiators.
  • It must be remembered that connecting cast iron radiators requires certain knowledge, as well as special equipment.Aluminum radiators can be installed even on gypsum board.
  • Dismantling of heating radiators, as a rule, primarily depends on the time that the heating radiators were operated. Resistance to wear, good functionality in special conditions, strength - all this should be studied sufficiently by comparison. Also, these factors should be paid attention to when buying heating radiators.
  • To properly connect the radiator, you must strictly select the number of "stones" or sections, for example, for a room of 10 sq.m. the optimal number will be no more than 8 sections. In addition, it is necessary to consider the distance between the floor and the wall. These criteria must be strictly followed, as this is a fire prevention requirement.

How to connect a radiator correctly

  • The side connection, at which the feed goes to the upper nozzle, and the reverse drive goes to the lower one. This is one of the most common ways that justifies itself in practice.
  • Diagonal connection, which is more suitable for radiators with a large number of sections that require uniform distribution of heat.
  • Saddle and floor connection, where they use bitruby and monotubes.This option is typical when finding feed pipes in the floor of the room.

Now that you know how to properly replace radiators, you can safely start repairing where the replacement of radiators will be one of the points. Since the heat of your apartment is very dependent on them. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations.

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