How to connect a satellite dish?

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How to connect a satellite dish?

Satellite television has become commonplace today. Many people who do not have the ability to connect digital television over the optical wire from providers, put themselves a satellite dish. However, many people want to connect the antenna themselves, and for this you need to understand how it is done.

How to connect a satellite dish to a TV

You can connect a satellite dish to your TV in two ways:

  • Directly connect the antenna cable to the TV.
  • Connect the antenna to the receiver, and from it to the TV.

Consider these two methods in more detail.

How to connect the cable directly to the TV

To do this, you will need to hold the cable from the antenna to the TV. For this purpose, the best solution would be to buy a copper cable that is shielded with foil. Find such a store is not difficult. You should always take the cable length with a margin of several meters and take into account that the cable will need to be hidden indoors.You also need to buy a plug for the TV.

After purchasing the necessary materials proceed to the connection:

  1. We stretch the cable around the room, hiding it in the baseboards or arbitrarily with clips. At the same time, it is desirable that a meter and more free cable remain.
  2. One end is connected to the antenna. To do this, it is necessary to cut the cable to the centimeter in order to open the core and foil, and then screw and fix the nut. This end is attached to the antenna so that in case of bad weather there is no cable breakage and no problems.
  3. The other end of the cable is attached to the purchased plug and then connected to the TV. This is the same as with the other end of the cable. That is, the cable core is opened per centimeter, the foil is bent and attached to the plug.
  4. Insert the plug into the TV and check the operation of the antenna.

After that, if everything is done correctly, the TV should stably catch all channels after tuning. However, this way you can connect only one TV and the signal level may not be so good.

How to connect the antenna through the receiver to the TV

Many companies that provide digital satellite television services use a receiver to transmit the best picture and sound to a television.In addition, thanks to the receiver, you can connect multiple TVs.

To connect the antenna to the TV through the receiver, you only need to connect the wire, made by analogy with the previous item, to the receiver in the right jack. Then from the receiver is connected to a certain type of wire to the TV. Wires to the TV from the receiver can be connected in several ways:

  • Using RCA wires.
  • With the help of "tulips".
  • With the help of S-Video wire.
  • Using HDMI wire.

The latter option is considered the best in image and sound quality. After connecting you will only have to configure the receiver according to the instructions to watch the channels.

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