How to communicate on the Internet?

Now, even in the most remote corner of the world, you can connect to the global network in one way or another. The Internet provides a huge number of opportunities: any information, texts, videos, music and, of course, communication.

How to communicate on the Internet: useful programs

One of the very first methods of transmitting information via the Web was e-mail. Its convenience is that the interlocutor does not have to be online at the time of sending. The message will be stored in his mailbox as long as necessary. There are many services providing similar services: Google, Yandex,, Rambler and others. You can write a letter from a web browser or choose a suitable program, such as Bat or Outlook.

No less popular is the exchange of messages through special messengers. There are also a lot of them: ICQ, QIP, Miranda, RQ and others. Such programs are most convenient for real-time communication.

Social networks

These online services are designed to reflect social relationships. Here you can find many of your classmates, distant relatives and acquaintances, whom you already forgot to think about.Each user can fill out a small questionnaire containing contact details and personal information, upload any photos or videos.

Such services allow not only to communicate, but also to share news or discuss a particular issue. The most famous social networks are: Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and My World.


This is the answer to the question of how to communicate on the Internet, developed by one of the American companies. The program supports several ways to communicate via the Network: text messages, talk mode or video call.

How to communicate on the Internet

To answer this question, you need to remember about how virtual communication differs from the real one.

It often happens that the information that is indicated in the user's data on the web does not correspond to the real state of affairs. Therefore, to relate to what was said by your interlocutor is worth a certain amount of humor and skepticism. After all, a person who talks about the foreign policy of the country on one of the portals may turn out to be a simple schoolboy who wanted to feel significant.

What to talk with a casual interlocutor

To begin with, it would not hurt to say hello: “Privat”, “Hi”, “hi” would be quite enough, of course, if this is not an official correspondence with one of my work colleagues. The forum is better to follow the style that uses the majority of participants.

For a conversation in ICQ, it is desirable to have a couple of "on-duty" topics, such as politics, movies or the weather. It is not necessary to impose your interlocutor, since remote communication is also attractive in that you can think about your answer. If the person with whom you are talking is close to you in spirit, then there will be more than enough to talk to.

How to communicate via the Internet: what is better not to do

The photo.

Many resources and social networks have the opportunity to post your own photo. A photograph of another person, more attractive from your point of view, is not the best move, since the deception will quickly be revealed, and at best, you will have to apologize for it.


It should be very careful to share your personal data. One of the reasons for this is that the more you know about it, the higher the vulnerability to an amateur hacker who may try to get access to mail, instant messengers and social networks.

Words that are carelessly spoken in their own name can be replicated all over the Internet, and with attribution. Such a "glory" will lift a little mood.

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