How to collect water?

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How to collect water?

Nowadays, when it would seem that a person has improved his life better than ever throughout history, in many areas there is still a problem of water supply. The question is how to get clean water without resorting to the services of water carriers. Today we will look at a proven way to get this irreplaceable resource and thereby answer the question of how to collect rainwater.

How to collect rainwater

There are several basic options for how to collect water. We begin with the collection method, which is also useful for maintaining the condition of the house.


A great way to drain rainwater from the foundation and collect it. Drain do so: install special gutters on the perimeter of the house directly under the slope of the roof. These gutters are displayed in several places in special pipes. Typically, these drainage systems serve to localize and divert water away from the foundation. We suggest installing water collection tanks under them. In addition to pipes, you can use other original solutions, such as rain chains.

Artificial pond

This garden decoration itself is both a collector and a keeper of water. You can priten water reservoir shed or hedge to reduce evaporation. The larger the pond area, the more water it will collect, but in so doing we reduce the amount of useful land. But you can combine a pond with a drain by making a decorative stream before it.

In addition, if you need a lot of water, you can make slopes of impermeable material on the frame, which can be put just before the rain, and after the rain to clean.

Water storage

To do this, use closed containers, canisters, tanks. Sometimes they are made on the surface, sometimes underground. Sometimes, they are placed directly in the roofWaterbuildings from where water enters the faucet by gravity without the need to install an additional pump.

The most common material for such containers is plastic, although it can be used and concrete, and metal, and wood. This is usually determined by the availability of funds, considerations of aestheticism and practicality, and the availability of certain resources.

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