How to collect urine from infants? How babies collect urine

One of the most common tests that are given to babies is a urine test. But it is worth considering that it will be informative only if the parents do everything correctly.

Material Collection Rules

How to collect urine from infantsIf you are assigned to undergo a general urinalysis, you need to familiarize yourself with how this is done. For the study, it is necessary to collect this biological fluid at home and bring it to the hospital. But before this, it is important to thoroughly undermine the baby with any baby antibacterial soap or gel. Do not think that this procedure is necessary only for girls. Boys should also be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise the result of the analysis will be distorted.

After that, you can figure out how to collect urine from infants. First of all, prepare in advance the container that you will carry to the laboratory. Pharmacies now sell special containers for urine.But if you do not have time or do not want to buy them, then you can use any small homemade jar with a capacity of 100-200 grams. It must be thoroughly washed and sterilized.

Some hold the baby over the pot or bowl until he pees. Others are trying to squeeze the diaper or unscrew the diaper, which soaked the baby. But they are not sterile, so the bacteria from them fall into the urine. This is the main reason why they cannot be used. It is better to find out in advance how to collect urine from newborns correctly.

Devices to make life easier for parents

If 20 years ago parents were forced to take a jar in their hands and keep it near the urethra for indefinite time, now it is much easier to collect material for analysis. In any pharmacy special tools are sold. They solve all the problems with how to collect urine from infants. In this case, neither the age nor the sex of the child is important.

How babies collect urineThese devices are called urinals. In appearance, they are a small plastic bag with a sticky base. It sticks around the baby's genitals.When buying it in a pharmacy, do not forget to specify the sex of the child. The design of urinals for boys and girls is a little different.

Dealing with how to use these gadgets is easy. Each package has demo images that show how to collect urine from a baby. First you need to unwrap the bag and stick it to the baby. To avoid leaks, make sure that it is tightly pressed in a circle. Particularly attentive should be the parents of girls. After all, problems with the collection of this fluid arise from them more often.

Alternative methods

Of course, there are often situations when parents forget to purchase a urinal bag in advance or they are simply not available in the nearest pharmacy. Then they are forced to look for other methods of collecting this liquid. With boys, the situation is somewhat simpler. Penis crumbs can simply send in a jar and wait for it to pee. Accelerate the process will help the sound of flowing water.

But to figure out how to collect urine from girls without a special urinal, more difficult. To do this, you can use any jar with a wide neck, which must be kept near the genitals of the baby.The difficulty lies in the right time to substitute it and collect at least the minimum necessary amount of urine. You should not use the same container in which you carry the analysis to the laboratory. It is better to additionally buy another container or use a sterile jar.

Interpretation of results

How to collect urine

Having figured out how to collect urine from a baby, and donating the material to the laboratory, parents often try to find out in advance what the research can show and what results should be normal in children.

First, color and transparency are evaluated. Normally, urine should be a white-yellow color without any flakes or haze. With the help of special indicators is determined by the pH level. It should range from weakly acid to slightly alkaline. This indicator affects the baby's diet. Meat, for example, increases the acidity of urine, and dairy foods with vegetables will make it more alkaline.

Also, urine analysis in children includes the definition of protein, red blood cells, and cylinders in it. Normally, they should not be, for the last two indicators, a small number of them are allowed, in the field of view should be 0-1 units. The number of leukocytes depends on the sex of the baby.In girls, they can be up to 8, but in boys they normally find no more than 4. In the laboratory, the sediment of salts is also checked.

When a study is scheduled

Urine analysis of the newbornNormally, babies, even in the absence of visible health problems, pass a urine test twice a year. This is done during the passage of preventive examinations. Also, the doctor will prescribe them if they suspect that the baby has problems with the urinary system.

For diseases caused by streptococcal infection, this study is mandatory. So, you shouldn't be surprised if a doctor prescribes it for scarlet fever or sore throat. It helps to determine if these diseases have not given complications. In addition, it can be used to diagnose the presence of associated problems in the diagnosis and treatment of completely different diseases. After all, it is not for nothing that this study is assigned to all polls when admission to a hospital of any profile.

Possible problems

Many parents are wondering why they should take a urine test of a newborn, underestimating its information content. But it is possible to identify various inflammatory diseases, liver problems, malfunctions of the endocrine system.

urine analysis in childrenSo, doctors pay special attention to the presence of protein. In babies in the first days of life, concentrations up to 5 g / l are permissible. But at the age of several weeks it should no longer be, no more than 0.03 g / l is allowed. With the constant presence of protein in the urine, we can talk about kidney problems. The presence of glucose allows you to suspect diabetes mellitus. But the installation of such a diagnosis requires other studies.

Leukocytes talk about inflammation in the urinary tract. Any increase in their number is a reason for a more detailed examination. Also, inflammation is indicated by the appearance in the urine of erythrocytes and epithelial cells. In case of cystitis, the laboratory assistant will find the cylinders in the analysis.

But remember, if you have not figured out how to collect urine from infants, then the study may be uninformative. Non-compliance with the rules of hygiene can cause the presence of various bacteria in the material under study. As a result, the analysis will be distorted, an increased number of white blood cells will be detected in the urine. It is also important to bring the collected liquid to the laboratory as early as possible.

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