How to collect hookah?

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How to collect hookah?

Before you learn how to collect hookah, it would be nice to get a little insight into the history of the hookah and find out what parts it consists of, and what is their purpose.

This smoking device has a long history behind it. Initially, hookah, or rather its simplified version, appeared in India, and then they became interested in the inhabitants of the Arab world: Iran, Iraq, Syria and many other countries. But the peak of its popularity is a smoking device only in Turkey, where it acquired its final form, which does not change over time.

The tradition of smoking hookah for many years has been a symbol of well-being and good tone. But, unfortunately, many wonderful traditions, including hookah smoking, have lost their former popularity with the advent of more modern counterparts. The same thing happened with a hookah. Currently, many smokers have chosen to use a more compact way of smoking - cigarettes. But despite this, many smokers still enjoy the pleasure of smoking a hookah at home and often use it to create the right state of mind.

Hookah, despite its beauty and apparent simplicity of execution, the subject is quite complicated, and includes many small details that you need to properly assemble before using the hookah. Each detail of the hookah has its own purpose and, accordingly, the name:

  • A thicket is a ceramic saucer with several openings on which tobacco is put.
  • Plateau - designed for the ashes left by coal.
  • Mine - tube, immersed in a flask with water.
  • Flask - designed for pouring water.
  • Hose - their number varies from 1 to 3 depending on the size and purpose of the hookah. It consists of a nozzle inserted into the flask, the mouthpiece and the hose itself.

Having defined the main parts, it is much easier to learn how to properly assemble a hookah.

Instructions in pictures how to collect hookah

The first rule that you must observe when assembling a hookah is not to rush. All parts attached to you should be tightly sealed, which allows you to create a sealed space inside the hookah.

  1. A small amount of water is poured into the liquid flask; it is this liquid that will not change the taste of smoke.
  2. Then the flask is connected to the mine, it must be done as tightly as possible, otherwise the joint will allow air to flow through.
  3. Now it is necessary to attach a hose to the flask; this must also be done tightly.
  4. After your hookah has acquired its finished look, you can begin the process of filling the hookah. For this van you need hookah, special tobacco and coal.
  5. Place a small portion of tobacco in a hookah thicket and cover it with a foil with holes previously made in it.
  6. Place heated coal on top of the foil.

Hookah collection instruction is complete. Now you just have to ignite the hookah and begin the process of smoking.

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