How to collect birch sap?

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How to collect birch sap?

In the spring, somewhere in March-April, sap flow begins near birch trees - this is the process of moisture movement from the ground, through the root system, along the trunk to the tree crown. When you see that the buds on the birch have begun to swell, then it is time to collect birch sap. Its benefits to the human body are indisputable. Juice, which is sold in stores, is just a mixture of water with sugar and citric acid. Therefore, those who decide to improve their health need to know how to collect birch sap themselves.

How to collect birch sap

To do this, take a drill and a drill with a diameter of 5-10 mm. Drill a hole at a distance of 50-60 cm from the ground, at an angle of 45 degrees (with a downward slope), preferably from the south side of the tree. It is important to know that birch sap goes between the bark and wood in the surface layer of wood, so you do not need to drill a deep hole - 2-3Birch juicea centimeter is enough.

So, the hole is drilled in compliance with all the rules. Now we will understand: how to get birch sap?

The most convenient way is to insert a metal tube of the same diameter into the prepared hole. To it you need to attach a flexible plastic hose, the end of which is directed into the container. A jar can be used as a container, but a plastic bottle is better suited for this - its thin neck will reduce the likelihood of debris and insects in the juice. If there is no tube and hose, insert a semicircular birch bark tray or a bunch of meadow grass into the hole in the old-fashioned way. If you do everything right, you can get up to 7 liters of juice from one birch per day.

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How to know when it's time to collect the juice? Collecting birch sap depends largely on weather conditions. In order not to miss the time of gathering, somewhere after the twentieth of March, go to the forest and take with you a thin awl. Pierce the bark of the tree. If the juice is made at the puncture point, it means you can collect it.

How to make birch sap the most transparent and useful? It is necessary to collect it before leafing in the trees. Because after that, the juice is already muddy, and its beneficial properties are reduced. Also choose trees that are far away from the city and the road,since the juice is able to absorb harmful substances and exhaust gases, and such a product will bring you not good, but harm.

The main question that should be faced by each juice sorter: how to prepare birch sap and not cause harm to the tree?Birch juice

In no case do not use for this ax - this is the most destructive for birch method of extraction! If you cut down a hole in a birch with an ax, you can be sure that this tree will not live until next year. Choose a birch tree with a trunk of at least 20 cm in diameter. It is better that the tree was middle-aged, but not very old, with a branchy crown.

You should also remember that it is better to extract no more than 2 liters of juice per day from one tree. And if you treat nature with special care, it is better to take one liter from each birch. Losing a lot of juice can be fatal for a tree.

When the juice is collected, do not forget to help the tree "heal" wounds - tightly insert a dry branch into the drilled hole.

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