How to choose winter shoes? Tips for choosing winter shoes

With the arrival of winter, many people think that it is time to update their wardrobe. And if the purchase of a fur coat or a down jacket does not take much time, then sometimes there are problems with the purchase of shoes. What to buy - boots or boots, and maybe boots? How to choose winter shoes? Read all about it below.

How to choose shoes for women

how to choose winter bootsShopping for any girl is more a holiday than a routine. Many women consider shopping relaxation. Therefore, for the fair sex the question of how to choose winter shoes is rarely relevant. Girls know stores that sell expensive branded boots, as well as in their head there is information about stores with affordable prices. But the value of the goods is not yet an indicator of its quality, at least for girls. What, then, do fashionistas pay attention to?

Well, of course, first of all girls pay attention to the design of boots or boots.Today in fashion suede shoes with a wide stable heel. Such models are advised to buy women orthopedists. But some girls still can not part with the illusion that you need to walk in heels 24 hours 7 days a week. Therefore, for them, the height of the heel is more important. And some girls, on the contrary, prefer not to part with their favorite sneakers even in winter. Yes, today you can find models from genuine leather and with a fur lining. But such shoes do not protect from the wind, not just a shin, even an ankle.

How to choose shoes for man

how to choose the size of winter shoesIf women have at least some criteria as to which boots to take, then men rarely pay attention to their winter boots. Although in our country there are more and more guys who are starting to follow the fashion and what things they buy. But it is still a rarity. Most men do not ask how to choose winter shoes. They go to the store with his wife or girlfriend. If, in general, go, and do not order shoes on the Internet. If the guy still decides to choose men's winter shoes, how is he doing? He comes to the store, chooses a model that he likes more, tries on, and if he fit in size, he will go to the cashier with this pair. It is unlikely that he will visit more than two outlets.Most often, men find what they were looking for, already in the first store.

General tips

To buy high-quality boots or shoes, you need to know what criteria to evaluate them. Here is a list of tips for choosing winter shoes.

  • Shopping is better in the afternoon. In the morning, the leg of a person is already smaller. By evening, the foot swells and expands. It is in this state that you need to try on shoes. After all, otherwise there may be a situation when it is comfortable to walk in boots in the morning, and in the evening they begin to press.
  • Do not buy shoes with a narrow nose. This is fraught with the fact that the toes will be deformed, moving towards the center. Nails will begin to grow into the skin, and you will need to do surgery.
  • It makes no sense to take shoes a size smaller with the hope that it will stretch. Yes, genuine leather really has the property to take the form of legs. But it is necessary to take into account that in winter people wear boots on warm socks. But for 1.5 size skin just will not stretch.
  • To check whether genuine leather or not, you need to wring the shoe. If the folds quickly go away and the shoes take their normal state of seconds in 5-10, then you have a quality thing in front of you.If this does not happen, the creases are not fully straightened, then, most likely, this is a fake.
  • Check the naturalness of the skin is best for the cut. We need to look at the edge: if the skin has a fleece inside, then such boots should be taken. And if the inside of the cloth, then in front of you leatherette.
  • To check the natural fur or not, it must be bent. If the surface is fleecy, it means natural, and if woven, it means artificial.
  • Be sure to check before buying whether the shoes are painted. To do this, wet the fur a little, and with a strong pressure hold it over the palm.

How to choose shoes for a child

how to choose men's winter shoesIt's one thing when parents choose the boots themselves, and another thing when the child. Children grow up very quickly, and shoes have to be changed often. But you cannot save on your child, you need to take good quality boots. How to choose winter shoes for a child?

  • Some mothers buy boots made of leatherette, arguing that it will be enough for the season, and next year the leg will still grow. But artificial leather gets wet very quickly, which means that in such boots in a child’s feet will be wet all the time. And this is fraught with frequent diseases.
  • Thin outsole is another sign of poor quality shoes. The child spends a lot of time on the street, and if his legs constantly freeze from the bottom, he will often get sick.
  • The presence of the heel is required for any shoe. Some boys may say: "Phew, am I a girl ?!" - and mom will buy another, more "male" model. But this is stupid. In order for the weight to be distributed correctly, there must be a heel on the sole.

Fashion models of women's shoes

winter bootsAs already stated above, this year the trend is suede shoes. The boots made of this material are beautiful in themselves, and there is no need to choose models where rhinestones are used as decoration. It is better to give preference to boots, in the design of which several materials are combined, for example, two types of leather - shiny and matte - and suede. Such models look interesting and are at the peak of popularity.

How to choose winter shoes, and even stylish? It should be preferred boots. This year, these boots are again at the top of a fashion pedestal. And you can choose them in any color: as in the usual black, gray or beige, and in extravagant green or burgundy.

How to choose a winter footwear for a child, we wrote above, but which models are the most trending for little fashionistas? They should be a reduced copy of adult shoes. But, of course, not the one that has a 10-centimeter heel.

Fashionable men's shoes

This year, stylists advise a strong half of humanity to turn their attention to shoes with a rough, embossed sole. Such shoes and looks stylish, and in the winter on the ice it is a pleasure to walk in it.

How to choose winter shoes so that it stays in trend from year to year? It is necessary to give preference to the classics. Choosing winter oxford shoes, you can be sure that they will not go out of fashion next year. It is worth paying attention to the already become classic Timberlands. If you have a strict dress code at work, take a model made in black, and if you are free to wear what you want, you should give preference to the classic sand colors.

How to choose winter men's shoes for a young guy? It is worth paying attention to the high boots with lacing. They are similar to the classic berets, but only in a modern interpretation.

Choosing shoes based on needs

how to choose winter shoesDo not buy winter boots just for the reason that they are at the peak of popularity. After all, if you do not like shoes and the more uncomfortable for you in it, then the purchase is clearly not fun. If you play sports, and indeed lead an active lifestyle, you are unlikely to need two pairs of classic shoes. Naturally, it is worth buying sneakers. But if you do not do morning jogs, and you don’t leave for the winter, you don’t need to buy sports winter shoes just in case. You quite once in 5 years will be able to go on nature and in long boots.

How to choose the size of winter shoes? It seems, that what is difficult here, all people know the length of their foot. But not everything is so simple. Winter shoes can be treacherous. Especially suede. It tends to stretch and deform. So suede boots worth buying at the same time. But leather shoes need to take half a size more. She too stretches, but not as much as suede. If you take shoes right next to you, you will not be able to wear warm socks.

We select shoes for outdoor clothing

Boots need to buy not only with an eye on where you wear them.Still need to take into account the model of outerwear. And not only that coat or fur coat in which you came to the store, but also those items of outer clothing that hang in the closet at home. How to choose winter shoes so that it fits to the jacket? It is necessary to prefer sneakers, winter boots or boots without a heel. The jacket is a sportswear. Coats are best suited to high boots with heels or on a flat course. Get an elegant business look. You can pick up both sports and classic shoes for a down jacket. After all, this outerwear prefers mostly young people who like to experiment, mixing all sorts of styles.

Is the price always equal to the quality?

how to choose winter shoes for a childNo not always. Many branded stores wind up prices. Therefore, high-quality boots can be bought for 15 thousand rubles, and for 200 thousand rubles. It all depends on the size of the budget and the social class to which you belong.

Of course, you can find winter boots even for 2000-3000 rubles, but it will be such shoes, in which it is difficult to leave not only one season, but one month. It will freeze in the cold and get wet. Nevertheless, if you decide to save money, get good, but not branded leather boots or shoes. Do not pursue cheapness.

Things to think about before you buy

how to choose winter shoesHow to choose winter boots so that they last more than one season, what should be considered before going with a new thing to the cashier?

  • If you live in a small town and travel predominantly on your own car, then you can safely buy shoes made using European technologies. But if you use public transport and spend a lot of time on the street, on frosty days, euromech will not save your feet from the cold.
  • The sole of the shoe must be thicker than one centimeter and made of rubber or polyurethane.
  • Be sure to check that the inside of the boot was a strap that closes the lock. Otherwise, in the cold the lightning will cool, and the foot will freeze.
  • If you choose a lace-up shoe model, remember that the closer it is to the toe of a boot or boot, the easier it will be for you to put on and take off your shoe.

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