How to choose a laminate?

Over the years, laminate flooring has become an increasingly popular flooring due to the optimal combination of price and quality. If earlier this material was not of high quality and was bought solely for the sake of economy, then modern types of laminate demonstrate their reliability, durability and beautiful appearance. You can familiarize yourself with modern manufacturers of this coating in the store -, and buy a laminate of any brand you like. All presented types of laminate are of high quality and meet modern requirements for this material.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate in the diversity of this material, we consider the main features that a high-quality laminate should have, and also recommend a particular type of coverage depending on the room for which you are looking for it.

Signs of modern high-quality laminate

Among the main features of the modern laminate coating are the following:

  1. High-quality laminateWear resistance;
  2. Impact resistance;
  3. Scratch resistance;
  4. Moisture resistance;
  5. Pleasant decor;
  6. Brand;
  7. The optimal cost.

Wear resistance is the most important parameter for high-traffic areas. This is especially important for shops, large offices, trading rooms. If you buy a laminate for an apartment or a house where a small family will live, then this option is not as important as the others. 33 and 34 classes of laminate are more wear-resistant, 32 class is slightly inferior to them in this. Some experts claim that the life of laminate 32, 33 and 34 classes is about the same.,

Impact resistance and scratch resistance are more important parameters, and here you should rely on a higher quality class. There are fewer scratches on the laminate of class 32 compared to material of class 33, however, its cost is higher. The fact is that laminate 32 classes incorporates a greater amount of corundum - an additive responsible for protecting the surface from minor damage.

Moisture resistance is an equally important parameter for any type of laminate, because wherever the floor is covered with this material, it must be washed. Modern manufacturers guarantee high moisture resistance of the material.

The decor is a drawing of a laminate.Usually 32 class laminate has a large variety of design, since it is designed for individual living spaces. In classes 33 and 34, a less intricate design is used, since it is more often chosen for offices, shops and other things.

Laminate quick stepA brand is an important indicator, as a manufacturer that has proven itself in the market will produce a quality product. It is important for him to keep the brand, as well as to provide his customers with good and diverse materials so that everyone can buy what they want and do not regret buying it later.

These manufacturers include the Belgian company QUICK STEP - Laminate "Quick Step" is characterized by excellent quality and a variety of models in the collections - you can get acquainted with the presented materials and purchase any one you like.

The optimal cost is, of course, far from the smallest sign of a good laminate. Laminate flooring generally refers to a very inexpensive flooring, so in any case should not have an exorbitant price. But if you consider different types of this material, then consider the price-quality ratio: the more useful additives there are in the laminate, the more expensive it is compared to simpler types.

Laminate for various rooms in the house or apartment

Laminate for the hallway should have a high wear resistance, as this is a room with high traffic and moisture: because of the dirt that people bring from the street, the hallway should be washed more often than other rooms. 33 and 34 classes are quite suitable for this zone.

laminate in the kitchenIn the kitchen, the floor is also usually washed frequently, so high moisture resistance of the laminate is required. To the floor was non-slip, you should prefer textured pattern.

Keep in mind that in this area the floor is quite a large load, so you should choose a wear-resistant laminate: class 33 is quite suitable.

For living rooms is important nice design, as well as additional sound insulation. Many manufacturers produce laminate with a sound insulating layer. As for the coating class, 31 and 32 are most preferred.

Laminate in the bathroomYou can choose a laminate for the bathroom, but it should not be waterproof, but waterproof. The difference of this type of laminate is that it is made of PVC that does not absorb water.

There is also a laminate with additional rubber bands along the longitudinal sides - thanks to this, complete waterproofness is achieved.

Considering our simple and useful tips, you can determine exactly what kind of laminate is needed for your room, and purchase a coating that will serve you for a long time.

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