How to choose karaoke?

Who among us, never tried to sing at karaoke, at home or in a bar, or you just sang in the shower. Basically you sing not only your favorite songs, but also songs in the mood. And now, when the electronics market is so advanced that the karaoke system can be purchased and installed at home, without any problems and difficulties. But one thing remains - how to choose a karaoke player, what parameters and characteristics should be repelled when buying. I think that today we will help you make such an important decision.

Karaoke type

First you should decide whether you want to buy a DVD player with karaoke function, or a karaoke system separately. It is worth considering that a separate karaoke system is equipped with its own system of built-in speakers. As a rule, these karaoke data are bulky, but the quality of the sound is much ahead of the usual player. So you can not even think about what kind of karaoke is better, if you are a true amateur it is better to take a special system.

Effects and Functions

Sometimes people think what kind of karaoke to buy, but to make it cheaper, and quality, so that they succeed.But let's say right away, a good and high-quality system costs a lot of money, so choose karaoke, first of all, starting only from those functions that you need.

When buying players and karaoke as a whole, people often have thoughts about how to make their voices clearer and have more functions. We advise you, before purchasing such a product, it is better to check whether all functions are supported, whether all effects are available in this model. After all, the best karaoke player should support a lot of functions.

As a rule, all karaoke manufacturers offer the following effects and functions to the attention of customers:

  • Functions that help change the volume of music and microphone, regardless of each other.
  • The presence of the Russian interface is taken into account. If the equipment does not support the Russian language, or Russian letters, then this can be called an irreparable shortcoming.
  • There are karaoke, which provide an additional function of the echo. This option makes the depth of the sound more professional, due to the fact that the echo gives the sound depth, and it becomes more interesting to listen to you. But it happens that although the function is supported, and the sound is not at all the same.So it is worth looking at this parameter especially well.
  • Additional effects sounds in the microphone and music.
  • The ability to support fanfare.
  • The ability to play only one accompaniment, without playing the basic melodies of songs.
  • One of the most pleasant options is setting a certain number of points that will evaluate the skill of singing.
  • Acceleration and deceleration, which is able to change the pitch of the back-track, speeds up or slows it down so that you can adjust it to your vocal range.
  • Karaoke discs, but this option should not be decisive, since the discs can always be purchased separately in the store.
  • The function of changing the rhythm and pitch.
  • It is necessary to find out the full list of files supported by hardware. Suppose files mp3, wma, DivX.

Technical capabilities

Nowadays, good karaoke, which can be bought at almost any large hardware store, should be technically equipped. For starters, check the following:

  • The quality of playing your voice and sound directly in the store. It often happens that the sound muffles or interrupts the voice of a singing person, in which case there may be problems with the microphone. Then you need to purchase a microphone of 72 or 80 decibels.A good quality microphone must take into account even minor changes in tone or tempo.
  • It is worth looking at the remote control. More modern consoles are pretty functional, but for your comfort in the future, we advise you to practice with a couple.
  • We advise you to pay attention to the presence of HDMI output, because soon you will probably want to see a high-quality picture.

Buying Tips

If you have already conceived to buy karaoke, which one can we choose. Just follow our final advice before purchasing:

  • Decide on the budget you can spend on this thing. Pre-negotiated price makes the buyer more disciplined.
  • Do market analysis. Using any sources of information, gather about this device all its characteristics. At this stage, the Internet will be indispensable. With it, you can not only view the functionality of any karaoke player you like, but you can also pick up the device that has entered into your budget.
  • Analyze technical features. Any model is equipped with a number of its technical parameters. Drain those that you do not need.
  • Check whether there is a search function in the player you like, which is important with a large number of songs on the disc.
  • It is worth considering the number of microphones connected to the player. If you buy karaoke for home and a large family, then it is logical to choose a player with several plug-in microphones to test your vocal at once by several people.
  • Immediately before the purchase, check the operation of the microphones and player.

These very simple recommendations will help you find answers when choosing a karaoke player that would delight you with its wide functionality, entertain your family and friends, so that on holidays or just on weekdays you can feel like a real singer and enjoy a great time in family circle.

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