How to choose flowers?

Flowers are a wonderful way to express love to someone and win the heart of a loved one. They are also presented when they want to find someone's location. But, how to choose flowers to hit the target, see the effective tips.

Flowers - a sign of someone's love

As well, that in different parts of our land, we find flowers that bring us joy. High in the mountains, in the forests, in the meadows, along the rivers, along the seashore, in hot deserts - everywhere there are flowering plants, without which man could not exist. Someone warms the heart of wild flowers, and someone prefers a bouquet brought from afar. How to choose field and decorative flowers, so that they express your feelings, let's learn together!

Well, what's wrong with a bouquet of wild flowers? You just stop for a minute and take a look around. How many fancy colors, bright colors and different species. And how they exude an intoxicating aroma! Stretch out your hand and touch the delicate petals. On the heart it becomes more fun and the thought arises in my head, to give this charm to a loved one.

Gently tear off several different colors. And it’s not scary that you don’t understand whether they are combined with each other or not. The main thing is to convey this love and respect with this fragrant and tender bouquet. Remember, choosing flowers, do not advertise your wealth. First of all, open your soul!

But what to do if it's not summer outside, you can't find wild flowers, but you really want to make a friend or spouse nice? Go to the flower shop. And how to choose flowers among such a wide range, you can consult with the seller or contact your florist for help. After all, every flower is beautiful. But he must strengthen your love or friendship, or melt a hurt heart, or maybe you want to restore the spirit of the one who is sick. To do this, you need to choose the colors correctly and very thinly.

The best gift: the rules of choice

Although they say that the most valuable gift is ourselves, still the flowers will say more about the fact that someone is very dear to us and needed. Often behind a bouquet many see more than flowers. But, if for you "the language of flowers" means nothing, choose flowers to taste and fresh. How to choose the flowers so that they always like them? Let's find out.

It would be nice to know which flowers your darling loves the most. This will help avoid trouble. You will not spoil her mood and even save her health, in case she has an allergy to flowers. And please be diverse. Do not give the same flowers. There is not enough imagination for the variety, at least change the color. You can start the experiment with exotic flowers.

As for the packaging, the bouquet does not always look luxurious in polyethylene. Choose a transparent and small package so that it emphasizes the beauty of the bouquet, and not overshadowed it with its unnatural. And, in fact, it is customary to give flowers without anything. It creates a kind of freshness and refinement. But this does not apply to all colors. The rose, a bouquet of daisies and all wild flowers look lonely and touching.

When asked how to choose flowers correctly, many men and women can firmly say that the main thing is to buy seasonal flowers. In the spring - tulips, daffodils, lilies of the valley. In the summer - a huge choice from wildflowers to Dutch roses. In the fall - everyone's favorite chrysanthemum, which has an incredible range and smell.

But, more importantly, the bouquet stood a little longer.Let's see how to choose the right flowers so that they preserve their beautiful appearance longer.

  • First, take a look at the flower petals. Its tips should not be deformed and have dark stripes on the edges.
  • Second, look at the stem. Light cut speaks of freshness. A strong stalk, not leaning to the side, will convince you of integrity.
  • Third, consider the bud. Take a flower that is not fully open to last longer. And feel it on the hardness, sluggish bud does not "creak".

Parade of colors: a choice about

Flowers are distinguished by their diversity, beauty and popularity. Let's talk about how to choose a flower, despite its popularity, durability and unusual.

When choosing the most popular flower - a rose, be careful. Pink and tea roses are the most resistant, and brightly scarlet, black, maroon - very capricious. But look at the extreme petals, they protect the entire bud from dryness and retain the aroma. Glossy leaves of roses say that the flower will last a long time. They should not hang along the trunk.

What to look for when choosing a carnation? Again, light varieties are the most resistant.And if they also have a small purple speck in the color and a purple rim around the edge, then such a flower is distinguished by its endurance. Unnatural colors are very capricious and not for long. Be sure to look under the bud, whether there is a connection with the leg. Often sellers prolong the life of broken carnations. They put a flower on a sharpened leg, or they do it with the help of a match.

The tulip selection is no different from other colors. Also pay attention to the petals. Choose a small head. Do not grab a tulip. Putting in the room and removing the gum, you will admire it for a maximum of an hour. If the flower is of medium shape and on a thick stem, and is not fully bloomed, it will last for a long time.

But how to choose a flower for a bouquet? It is best to make a bouquet of flowers of the same type, but also remember what occasion you give it to. If you go on a date, present a modest bunch of daisies, daisies, violets. Your future family life is being decided, buy delicate yellow roses or gerberas of any color.

Bouquet for the wedding consists of light shades, most often - it's roses. A child was born - a bunch, respectively, should be small and delicate, pastel colors. Someone anniversary, you can present the composition in the basket.And for a housewarming party, give a potted room flower.

Now, knowing all the subtleties of choosing a flower, you will delight your loved one even more with the refined form of a bouquet and the fragrant aroma of flowers.

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