How to choose and install acoustic wires for cars

As you know, progress does not stand still, and ifa century ago car owners had enough that the car was provided with minimum conditions for driving, but today the situation is completely different. The current automakers are competing not only in capacity and safety, but, of course, in comfort. Of course, nowadays comfort includes a quality sound that helps to brighten any trip. Acoustic wires for cars are considered one of the main components for playing any sound.

acoustic wires for carsAuto sound is considered to be a ready system forsound reproduction. And, like before installing any element, auto sound has its own nuances. For example, such as cable selection. It is from a competent choice of cable that the purity and sound quality depends, but this does not stop the work. Acoustic cables still need to be properly placed on the car and there are four basic rules for laying wires:

1) Use the best possible inter-unit and acoustic wires for cars.

2) Route the RCA cables as far as possible from the vehicle wiring and the power wires of the speaker system.

3) The cables must not be longer than required for the installation of the element.

4) If possible, ground all components of the system at one point.

acoustic cablesAlso, do not forget that,acoustic cables for auto, it is necessary to provide them with good power for the amplifier. It is recommended that the radio is powered directly to the battery and the amplifier is connected to the ignition switch or to an optional switch. It should also be said about such an important thing as grounding the amplifier. There are three basic rules:

1) The grounding wire must not be longer than 45 cm and be positioned as close as possible to the amplifier.

2) The cross-section of the ground wire must be less than positive.

3) Ground only on the unpainted surface of the body.

Acoustic wires for cars are one of thefavorite topics for disputes among many experts in this field. Now there is a tendency, when even beginners in this sphere pay special attention to the cross-section of wires. Many will say that the cross-section of the 2.5-mm-long wire will be sufficient for any acoustics, however, old-timers are advised not to bring all the systems under the templates, because each system is unique in its own way, and the purity and quality of the sound depends on several factors.

cable selectionChoosing acoustic wires for cars, it is necessaryalso pay attention to what material it is made of. The most popular is copper, but its quality is quite diverse. Buying expensive cables with widely advertised indicators, we recommend not believing the words to the manufacturer, because ordinary consumers simply can not verify the claimed requirements. Try different brands, read reviews on the Internet, but if there is no time for this, we recommend taking cables from pure silver, sound quality and reliability of such conductors have proved themselves among many auto sound enthusiasts.

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How to choose and install acoustic wires for cars How to choose and install acoustic wires for cars How to choose and install acoustic wires for cars How to choose and install acoustic wires for cars How to choose and install acoustic wires for cars