How to choose a watermelon?

Soon the summer delicacy will be ready - a watermelon. This most delicious gift of summer has strong diuretic fortifying properties, improves the body's metabolism, and also perfectly quenches thirst. Wanted a watermelon? How to choose? In this article you will find some useful tips on this topic.

The time of buying watermelon is very important: in Russia you can buy watermelons from the second half of August to September, just by this time they are ripe, later it’s not worth taking, as the goods will be stale and may cause harm to your body. It is better not to run first for watermelons, in early fruits, as a rule, more nitrates, and the price is higher.

The choice of watermelon must be considered carefully, since ripeness is not the main criterion by which to choose. It is very important that the watermelon is also useful, and therefore safe.

Tips: how to choose a watermelon

  1. Be very kind to the place of purchase. It is important that the pre-sale storage is correct: it is necessary to store watermelons in the shade so that the sun's rays do not shine on them, and on pallets (wooden substrates for the goods).Do not buy watermelons on the road, on the highway.
  2. Ask the seller for a certificate of conformity of the goods being sold. This document must have a color print, even if you are shown a photocopy.
  3. Watermelon color. Ripe watermelon has contrasting stripes, juicy and bright color. In the process of growth and ripening on a striped surface of a watermelon a yellow spot is planned - the place where it lay on the ground. A watermelon grown under favorable conditions will be relatively small, but if a spot is larger than a palm, it is better not to take a watermelon, it may be unsweetened and watery.
  4. The size of the watermelon - it matters. It is not necessary to take a giant watermelon, even if you have a large family, it is better to take a couple of medium watermelons. The more, but the lighter the watermelon, the more ripe it is, but not necessarily tastier - it is better to choose an average fruit. But the size of a watermelon largely depends on its variety, for example, the most delicious watermelons Crimean Rose have small sizes.
  5. There is an opinion that “watermelon” is tastier. How to distinguish the "watermelon-girl" from the "watermelon-boy"? The “watermelons” have a more irregular shape, and their yellow spot is more elongated than that of the “watermelons”.
  6. Appearance of the peel. Watermelon must be clean - sticky dirt can hide damage and flaws.In ripe watermelon, the crust is shiny and even. Carefully inspect the fruit, the surface should be without any cracks, with no signs of rot. In no case do not take an incised watermelon, and do not allow the seller to incise the one you liked, because if the integrity of the watermelon crust is disturbed, harmful organisms begin to grow at a frantic speed, the sweet and moist environment contributes to this!
  7. A dry tail is not always an indicator of ripeness, as they say, it is also dry in stale watermelons. Therefore, it is not the primary sign of ripeness. However, it should not be missed: do not take watermelons without a stem, or with a juicy or sluggish stem.
  8. Watermelon should ring. When tapping a ripe watermelon, you will hear and feel a ringing resonance. You can also listen to it - whether the watermelon is cracking when squeezing, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, you can spoil the tastiest specimen!

Well, "stripe" and on the table, but this choice of watermelon is not over, it will continue even after you cut it. Check the watermelon for the presence of nitrates: pay attention to the color of the pulp and vein. In no case do not eat watermelon intensely red with the presence of a violet hue, with yellowish streaks, the streaks should be only white.

Watermelon must be able not only to choose correctly, but also to consume correctly:

  • Before use, thoroughly rinse the watermelon and cool (it is much tastier).
  • Unfinished watermelon store in the refrigerator.
  • Watermelon must be eaten within 2-3 hours after cutting.

Now you know how to choose a delicious watermelon, which will bring you and your family only joy and benefit!

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