How to choose a thermopot? Thermopot: reviews, choices, prices

Technological progress does not stand still, now modern people have thermopots at home, while many are still wondering how to choose a thermowat. In everyday life, people use different devices that make their lives easier, and some people do not know anything about thermopot. Among the heating devices, this device is unique, as the manufacturers were able to combine in it the functionality of an electric kettle that heats the water and a thermos to save heat.

All kitchen appliances should facilitate the work of man as much as possible. Thermopot is also unique in that you can take it with you on the road. The heated water retains heat for quite a long time, which is very important during the cold season. Standing in a traffic jam for hours, the driver can brew coffee or tea for himself to warm up. But before you buy thermopot, you need to find reviews. Ideal to conduct a survey among their friends.People who use these units will tell you how to choose a thermowat and on which manufacturers to pay special attention.

What is this device

how to choose a thermopotMore recently, thermopots appeared on store shelves. This device saves a lot of hours of water heated by it, and boiling takes place as in an ordinary electric kettle. It is very difficult to choose the best thermal trap; you can give priority to volume, manufacturer, color, and power. In terms of functionality, this heater is found in the most unexpected version. For many, volume is important, so in the largest thermopot it will be 5 liters. This supply of hot water will last long.

Thermopots are convenient to use in places where electricity is often turned off. Thermal kettle kettle retains a temperature of 90 degrees for 3 hours. After this time, the temperature begins to gradually decrease. On average, for 1 hour of use of the heating device, the water temperature will decrease by 5 degrees. Even at the lowest temperature, you can brew a mug of tea.

thermal loop reviews


Among consumers there are a huge number of people who were unhappy with the acquisition.And this is only because they approached the issue of purchase not prepared. After reading most of the reviews about the device, you can come to a common opinion that those consumers who deliberately and deliberately made a purchase were satisfied with it. And those who, seeing the thermopot in the shop window, immediately decided to purchase it, not knowing all the subtleties and features, of the manufacturers, were dissatisfied with the purchase. From this it is worth making only one conclusion: it is necessary to make purchases deliberately, having previously prepared for them. Information about the available devices is on many resources, given the sites of manufacturers. Perhaps the person simply did not need this unit, but he bought it to be.

Differences of a teapot from a thermopot

Thermo SaturnThe main difference between an electric kettle and a modern thermopot is energy saving. How to choose a thermotube economical to use? All manufacturers in the production of paying special attention to economical components. Electricity consumption is reduced to a minimum, and the safety of heat to the maximum. Accordingly, it is more profitable to use a thermopot every day, rather than an electric kettle.

The unit does not need to be lifted in order to pour water, unlike a kettle. When you press one button a person, substituting a mug, gets the required amount of boiling water. This will be appreciated by older people and children who were previously not allowed by their parents to use an electric kettle, fearing that the child will scald when pouring boiling water into a mug. Modern thermos has only positive reviews. He can maintain a high temperature of water throughout the day, while the electric kettle must be heated within 1 hour after boiling water, as it cools down in it.


panasonic thermopotBefore choosing a thermal steam, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that many large and well-known manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of this heating device. Which preference is given, the consumer decides, but the most famous brands are Saturn, Panasonic, Polaris, Vitek. All of them produce quality products with a warranty period.

Thermopot "Saturn", Panasonic, Polaris, Vitek have greater capacity and low power. They consume only 1 kW. Thermal Vitek for the first time boils longer than the kettle, but when turned on again, the water heats up to a temperature of 90 degrees in just a few seconds. And this is a plus.When buying a thermal trap, the price of which can be the most varied, special attention should be paid to the lid. It should be easy, but tightly closed. The lid lock should close easily the first time. Otherwise, the device will turn on only the complete closure of the unit.

Comparison of units of different manufacturers

Each consumer has its own criteria, which he adheres to when choosing a thermotube. The produced thermopot Panasonic, which is a large company, produces from metallic materials. Various alloys that are resistant to heat, give the thermopot not only strength and durability, but also an attractive appearance.

polaris thermo

Polaris thermopot consumers can purchase both in metal and plastic case. It should be understood that the plastic case is not less resistant to heat. The device itself will retain the heat of water for quite a long time.

Thermal Vitec on store shelves can often be found in a metal-plastic case, in a variety of colors. Attracting attention to the design allows consumers to make their location of beautiful technology from their kitchen.The room is becoming more modern due to the new technology. But the most important thing is that, thanks to technical progress, all family members now want to be in the kitchen. Now families will be able to gather more often in a narrow circle.


The heating element in thermopot and other components of the unit allow:

  • block the inclusion of the device with a minimum amount of water inside;
  • protect the unit from accidental pressing of the pump and the water filling button without human intervention;
  • rotate the device 360 ​​degrees;
  • using a durable handle to move the device;
  • In automatic mode, clean the inside of the device;
  • easy to clean washable strainer;
  • see information on the display at any time of the day due to the available backlight;
  • even from another room to hear a signal that notifies that a given program has completed its work.

Thermopots of almost all manufacturers are equipped with a Russian menu.

Additional features

There are features that make the unit more convenient to use. Among the huge number of models there are those who have several options for pouring water.Many mistresses like this. In order to plan the time correctly and not to additionally include heating, boiling water can be programmed for a certain time with a delayed start. Most models are equipped with a self-cleaning system. Easy to use and removable strainer, because most often it is made of metal, which allows him to increase the service life.

Expensive models are always equipped with a display where you can see not only the temperature of the water, but also independently choose the operating mode of the thermotube. Finally it is worth stopping the choice on the unit, which has a simple, convenient, and most importantly, Russified menu. With such a device can handle both an adult and a child. And most importantly - the use of this unit becomes safe.


kettle thermopot

The first disadvantage for consumers is the high cost of the unit compared to an electric kettle. In addition, before you buy this device, you need to think about where it will stand. This is very important for sustainability. Volumetric unit takes up a lot of space, because it needs to allocate it.In an unstable position, there is a possibility that the water from the cup will spill. The dimensions of the unit are determined by its volume. Considering the fact of the presence of small dimensions of kitchens, it is necessary to think about a place for a thermotube in advance. Slow boiling water compared to an electric kettle. Quickly boil water for a couple of mugs of coffee will not work. In this device it is necessary to pour a large amount of water at once, which increases the boiling time.


best thermopot

Buying an indispensable unit in the kitchen, it is worth considering some of the features. Thermopots are produced in various volumes, depending on the number of family members, it is worth choosing an aggregate with the required volume. When choosing between different manufacturers, preference should be given to well-known trademarks. The well-known name will give a guarantee that the unit will serve the user for many years. Only large manufacturers can afford to give a warranty period of work for manufactured goods.

Models from different manufacturers differ from each other in both external design and functional components. There are units in which water is supplied after pressing the button by hand, and there are those in which the lever is pressed by a mug.For the most part, the units are similar, the differences may be in the presence of the backlight, the display, all other functions of heating and preservation of the heat of the water remain. Particular attention should be paid to the required number of liters of water. Depends on this, will there be enough boiling water for the whole family to drink tea together.


Each outlet has the right to independently regulate the price range for one or another type of goods. The most affordable thermo model can be found in the online store, the cost of the budget option will be about 2,000 rubles. There is a wide range, the bigger it is, the wider is the consumer’s ability to choose a unit that fits all requirements. According to the law of the Russian Federation “On setting prices for household groups of goods”, the cost of sales should not exceed 25% of the purchase price.

If you buy goods in the company store, the price range will vary from 2,000 rubles to 15,000 rubles. Consumers can save on the acquisition of this group of products, if it is sold at a promotional or sale price. At the same time, the product will be of high quality, and the markdown says that it is not enough in stock.


It is impossible to say unequivocally which firm produces the best thermopots. However, you should not purchase the cheapest options for an unknown manufacturer in the world. Most likely, such a unit will have a minimum warranty period, if at all, accordingly, and no one can guarantee the service life.

Before buying a quality appliance, you should familiarize yourself with the existing model range, identify the criteria with which the product must meet, read the reviews, make room in the kitchen and only after that start the selection.

With a negligent attitude to the acquisition of this category of goods, you can become the owner of a thing that does not bring comfort in the kitchen, but only takes a lot of trouble. Each hostess will be upset if the newly acquired thing, and especially the thermal one, will quickly fail.

Quality products with a large model range should be bought only in specialized stores that provide a guarantee for service. These stores provide a guarantee from the manufacturer, and this suggests that it is possible to cooperate with such an outlet on an ongoing basis.Major manufacturers sign supply contracts only with those who have proven themselves well in the market for several years.

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