How to choose a thermocup? Thermo Cup Review

Initially, these circles were used for hiking. The main function of the item is to maintain the temperature, so it is designed for the winter to prevent the cooling of hot chocolate, tea, coffee. And in summertime, poured water or juice will not be hot even in a hot car or a tent. How to choose a thermomug, described in the article.

Types of thermocup

Material to create products is different. These are ceramics, stainless steel or plastic. Each material has its own properties. The stainless thermomug is considered the strongest, besides in it the liquid remains warm for a long time.

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There are plastic products on sale, and inside is stainless steel. They are lightweight, comfortable, but easily damaged. It is desirable to use them at home or in the office. Ceramic goods are of good quality, but they break during a hike.


Circles are divided into the following types:

  • with a handle;
  • with removable handle;
  • without handle;
  • with non-spill cover.

thermocup reviews

The product can function from the network, for example, be charged from the cigarette lighter. But some do not work that way. The review of thermocup will allow to choose the suitable goods.


If you are interested in how to choose a thermocup, then when choosing, consider some subtleties. Volume is important: it usually ranges from 200 to 700 ml. Some products reach 1 liter.

The volume should be chosen according to its intended purpose, for example, a 200-400 ml mug will be suitable for one person. A large mug can be chosen for the company.


According to the reviews, the thermomug is a convenient device for the trip. But products are made from different materials. The most popular are:

  1. Plastic. This is the most accessible type of housing. The material is brittle, and scratches quickly appear on it. If the inside is lined with plastic, then it is harmful to use liquid from such a product. The advantage is low cost.
  2. Ceramics. Such products are more suitable for home. Such circles are usually single-walled; the liquid in them cools rapidly. The material is fragile, the covers are not always tight. The advantages include stylish design, affordable price.
  3. Glass.This is a great thing for the house, characterized by tightness. Some models have double walls. To use them better at home or in the office. The advantages include ease of care, the original design.
  4. Stainless steel. This material is universal. The product has double walls with a vacuum so that the mug does not burn the hands and keep the drink hot. The material is durable, does not break when dropped. Steel is great for home, office, camping.

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Flask in the housing

The flask installed in the body can be glass or metal. Glass products are considered hygienic in use, and they are also easy to wash. Drinks will persist for a long time, while they do not appear specific odors. Glass flasks are made of hardened material, so it is difficult to damage them. But the most reliable are metal products.

thermocup review

Steel products

  1. THERMOS JND-400 LMG. Thermocup is high-quality and functional, its volume is 400 ml. The product is hermetic, with a stylish design. The advantage is considered to be fixed with opening lid. The liquid is kept warm for up to 4 hours. The diameter of the bottom is 7 cm. Several colors are offered.
  2. Contigo West Loop.The mug has a volume of 470 ml. Many colors are presented. Customers appreciate the product for its simplicity of design and convenient loading system. The drink is kept hot for 4 hours, and cold - 12. A thermomug was created in China, but its quality is good.
  3. Regent Inox Gotto. This stylish thermomug is made by an Italian company. She has a metal body with a leatherette braid. There are several colors. There is a strainer in the set, which is convenient during tea brewing. Hot drink is 4 hours, and cold - 12. Good quality and constant care is needed to extend the life of the product.

Opening and closing mechanism

According to the reviews, a thermomug is a handy thing if it is of high quality. Important in the product is the mechanism of the cover. How to choose a thermocup to make it easy to use? It should be noted that there are several mechanisms:

  1. With a latch. The thermomug opens with one finger. The disadvantage is the accidental opening, for example, if it is caught in the bag.
  2. With swivel mechanism. The product opens by turning the cover. Not very convenient way when driving in a car or bike. Advantage is considered protection from leakage.
  3. Push-button mechanism.The design is universal, it does not open by chance. The advantage is reliability, and the disadvantage is the high cost.

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A non-spill thermo mug with a lid is the best choice, since no liquid will leak in it. Depending on the material, it can be different to maintain the temperature of the drink.

Thermal saving

A thermomug can hold the required temperature of cold drinks up to 12 hours and up to 6 hours - hot. The best design is considered a thing with double walls and vacuum.

What is better to choose?

When choosing a product should take into account the following nuances:

  1. A cigarette lighter powered by cigarette lighter will be the best choice for a motorist. Then he will always have a fresh drink. The product plugs into a power outlet or cigarette lighter.
  2. For trips around the city, you can not choose products that have the maximum thermal savings. The optimal time to save heat is 5-8 hours.
  3. If it is important that the mug keeps heat for a long time, then it is necessary to choose models with the maximum volume.
  4. Do not buy models lined inside with plastic.
  5. To keep the water cold for a long time, you need to buy a mug with a light or white appearance.
  6. Every month it is necessary to check the tightness of the product.
  7. When choosing a cup in the car, it is necessary to measure the diameter of the cup holder.

Expert Tips

Now many similar products are being sold, which is why it is difficult to decide. How to choose a thermocup so that it is reliable? For home you can choose plastic products:

  • Xavax Teatime;
  • STANLEY Adventure eCycle Camp Mug.

thermomug with a lid

If a glass flask is required, then Bodum 10326–10 is suitable. For a hike, car, home, office, you can choose THERMOS JND-400 LMG, Contigo West Loop, Regent Inox Gotto. Each product has its own characteristics and properties, but their main feature is the quality preservation of beverages at any time of the year.

Use and care

Thermocup easy to use. First, you need to brew the drink in a separate container, and then pour it into a mug. But in some containers there is a tea brewing department. At the same time you can pour compote, coffee, jelly and other drinks.

Wash before use. For storage, the lid must be removed so that due to moisture inside there are no harmful microorganisms, especially if the thermomug is plastic.

Thus, a thermomug is a necessary thing if you often have to be away from home. When choosing it is important to consider the appointment. Proper use extends the life of this product.

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