How to choose a punch?

Many consumers, while searching for a good electromechanical tool, are often looking for a punch. How to choose a suitable model? Let's work together to deal with this question, having familiarized with the design features and equipment of this tool.

Features of perforator design

The answer to the question of which punch to choose will be knowledge about the device of this tool. According to the type of mechanism, modern perforators can be electromagnetic and electropneumatic. As a rule, the first type is cheaper and more familiar to the consumer. Electric air drills are more powerful and more productive and higher in their price. Choosing a puncher for the house, you should also not forget about the conditions and amount of operation of the tool and your own capabilities.

Choosing a hammer drill for home, do not forget about the possibility of its use as a conventional drill. The acquisition of two separate drilling tools in the home workshop, although possible, is not advisable.The availability of a special chuck for working with simple drills will confirm the possibility of using it as a simple drill.

Asking the question of how to choose a punch for the house, pay attention to the fact that it has the functions of reverse mode and adjustment of rotational speeds. Such features make it easier for you to work with certain materials. Quality drills will always be equipped with a stopper switch. With long holes, this, at first glance, a minor structural element, will help you to facilitate the process of work.

Choosing a punch, pay for the presence in it of such an option as "soft start". This feature eliminates the jerking of the instrument immediately after its launch. A large force of inertia during a sharp start-up can literally pry the perforator out of the hands, damaging work surfaces, drills and drills, and even causing injuries.

If opportunities allow you, then purchase perforators for the house, equipped with a constant electronics, allowing you to independently choose the speed modes of drilling and set the perforators to the optimum modes of their work.How to choose a punch? There are a few simple rules, adhering to which you can determine the right choice. Any consumer who does not know how to choose a punch for a home should know that this tool is divided according to the type of cartridge installed on it. There are three such types:

  • SDS +. This cartridge is most often used in light perforators, up to 4 kg, and is intended for drilling holes with a diameter of up to 30 mm;
  • SDSMAX Such a cartridge is provided with professional tools with which you can drill holes up to 50 centimeters or more;
  • SDS-top. As a rule, they are mounted on Bosch tools. The range of comfortable drilling ranges from 16 to 25 mm.

Also, choosing perforators, do not forget about such a structural feature as the location of the engines. According to the type of engine location, they are divided into two groups:

  • straight punchers,
  • L-shaped perforators.

In the first group of perforators the engine is located horizontally. The body, as a rule, allows working in narrower openings. In the second group of perforators, the engine is located vertically, which leads to a shortening of the body and weighting the structure as a whole.But, this type of perforators is more suitable for professional activity, and not for home, because it has better cooling and can be used for its intended purpose for a long time.

Choosing a punch for the house, also pay attention to the kit (if there are drills, etc.). It is desirable that there are several, and consult with the seller about the possibility of using to work on this drill drill verified from other manufacturers. A good addition to the configuration will be the spare brushes of the electric motor.

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