How to choose a heater for an apartment? Heaters - reviews, prices, photos

With the onset of the cold season on the shelvesSupermarket appliances there is a large assortment of heaters for the home. At this time, the companies-manufacturers with a smile rub their hands in anticipation of a good profit. There are quite a lot of models of such devices. But the principles by which they work are only a few. In accordance with them, oil, gas heaters, a convector, a fan heater, an infrared emitter are singled to choose a heater for an apartment

All of them serve one purpose - to create a warm and cozy home. Looking at this or that modern "fire" for the house, many people ask themselves: "How to choose a heater for an apartment?"

Each type of heater was specially designedfor certain conditions. But this does not mean that only one will suit the apartment. We need just the option that will cope with the task in the best possible way.

What's better

In the market there is a rating of heaters bycertain parameters. The power is in the lead oil coolers, but for the speed of warming up - fan heaters. Each of them represents the best combination of economy, efficiency and price in its class. Actually there are a lot of heat sources, but we will only talk about the most popular ones.electric heaters

In most cases, electricalenergy as the main source. The market also has heaters that run on natural gas. But, in the end, they all only turn one kind of energy into another.

Oil Heaters

Here, the electric spiral heats the oil,which circulates through a closed system in the form of a battery. These sources of heat have proven themselves well. They are practical in use and do an excellent job. This option will be the first in the list of "Best heaters for the apartment." This type of heater has a lot of positive feedback due to its efficiency and safety in operation. Their price starts at 1500 rubles.

heaters for apartments economical

Advantages of the oil heater:

  • No noise during operation.
  • Great power.
  • Does not require additional operations for installation.
  • The possibility of point heating.
  • Can be used as a dryer for things.


  • It takes time to warm up the coolant.
  • Large dimensions.

Under some rules, this heater can warm up the room in the apartment properly. It is well suited as an additional source of heat, which can be turned on at night.

Convector electric heaters

infrared heaters

This kind with the help of a heated spiral heats upair. Heated gas naturally rises and fills the room with heat. This species is especially popular in offices. Sometimes they are made as decorations, which can be hung on the wall. Due to their design, they must be provided with airflow in the lower part and an open top. The price of a good convector starts from 3000 r.


  • Short time for warm-up.
  • Relatively small size.
  • Possibility of installation on the wall.
  • Does not make noise when working.


  • Smell of burnt dust when switched on.
  • Requires free space around the case.
  • Danger of fire if foreign objects fall on the spiral.

If you follow the specifics of the operation of thisdevice it is good for offices and offices. These are the heaters, the electrical parts of which are hot in the work, but after the shutdown they cool down quickly.

Fan heaters

This is the most popular type of heaters due to theirefficiency and low cost. It looks like a convector type, but it has a fan for forced circulation. Firms producing produce a lot. Prices are very affordable and start from 500 rubles. Reviews about these devices are in most cases positive due to their low cost and compactness.gas heater


  • Fast warm-up of the room.
  • Compact size.
  • Low price.


  • Noise at work.
  • The combustion of oxygen.
  • Smell from burnt dust at start-up.

This is the heater, the price of which is the lowestOn the market. It is suitable primarily for those who need to warm up the room in a short time. Also they are often bought to take with them to work, dacha or to other places. But it is worth remembering that they make a lot of noise, which can distract and annoy.

Infrared emitter

These appliances heat the surrounding objects nearyourself. They are often used in offices and workplaces when directional heat is needed. Infrared heaters use special lamps for their work. They transmit heat to the surrounding objects, and those - to the air. Due to their compact size, they are very popular. The initial price for such devices is 1000 heaters for the apartment


  • Instant start from cold idle to maximum power.
  • Directivity of heating.
  • Compact size.
  • Quiet work.
  • Saving energy.
  • Does not burn oxygen.


  • The impossibility of heating a large room.
  • The glow of the lamps can be inconvenient.
  • Burns dust at start-up.

This kind is most suitable for the workplace. Also it can be used to quickly get warm after returning from the street.

Gas heaters

This can be both stationary and portableoptions. As you already guessed by the name, they use energy from burning natural gas. As a result, exhaust gas for combustion products is needed. Such devices are mainly used in private homes. They work both from the gas main and from the cylinder. Prices for such heat sources are different depending on the model and type. The initial cost is approximately 3500 rubles.rating of heaters


  • Fast warm-up of the room.
  • Economical work.
  • No electrical part.


  • Requires a special installation.
  • Large dimensions.
  • There is no possibility of moving.

Gas heater is good as an additional heating of a private house. It has a short start time, and the outer surface does not heat up more than 60 degrees.

What to buy

So, if you need to choose a heat source, you needDetermine where he will work and how. To choose a heater for an apartment is one thing, and for a sports hall it's quite another. So first you need to estimate the size of the room.heaters overview

If it's a small room, then we need heatersfor an apartment. The economical performance of such devices will play a big role in the selection. In this case, it is worth paying attention to oil or convection heaters. They can be switched on for a long time and programmed to maintain the required temperature.

In addition, they are safe for children. The outer surface of these devices does not heat up to a high temperature. Therefore, touching them is safe. No noise during work creates conditions for rest. Working at night for them is normal.

Workplace heating

At the beginning of the day, when everyone comes to work,the temperature in the offices, as a rule, is minimal. Often, it falls overnight due to savings in heating. Heating of office premises can be carried out by fan heaters or infrared emitters, which are well-proven in such conditions. They quickly begin to work and in a matter of minutes warm up the room.

You can combine the work of these devices. For example, for quick warm-up use fan heaters, and then switch to another, less noisy option. It can be infrared heaters that will stand next to each worker. Thus, you can create individual comfortable conditions for everyone.

In this case, a convective option is also suitable. But when using it, you will have to wait a little while the heat goes naturally.

Heat supply in country cottages

If you had to visit a dacha or another roomin the cold season, take a heating tool or install it there in advance. The simplest option is a fan heater. But also pay attention to the gas heater. It can be installed in advance in the wall and used only when necessary. In addition, not always in such buildings there is electrical energy, so this option will be simply irreplaceable. To him only occasionally have to connect a new gas tank. If there is a gas pipeline, this greatly simplifies the situation.

Security measures

Before choosing a heater for an apartment,should know the specifics of his work. If the house has children and animals, then it is necessary to prevent dangerous situations in advance. When using oil coolers they must be well fixed to the floor. Do not install these devices on top of the stairs, basements and other depressions. The weight of such heaters is quite large, and when they fall they can cause serious harm.

Convective heat sources mustthe possibility of being attached to the wall in a place inaccessible to children. If there are domestic birds, then you should additionally use a special cover, so that they do not want to get warm inside the device, where there is a hot spiral.

In case of using floor fan heaters andinfrared emitters they should be placed in places where foreign objects will not touch them. Also, when buying, it should be clarified whether they have a system that turns off the power of the device when it is overturned.

Keep track of the quality

Do not try to choose when buyingthe cheapest heaters. For an apartment, economical options can be with a great loss of quality. And this threatens premature failure of equipment or possible fire. It is better to overpay once for a quality heater and be calm than to save a small amount and constantly fear for its work.

It happens that a good producer canto make a product with a marriage. To detect this, you need to turn on the heat source at full power after the purchase and watch it for several hours. This test will detect the marriage.

Beneficial features

There are models of heaters with additionaldevices that increase comfort when using them. For example, in one housing, a heating element and a device for humidifying air can be placed. Such combinations allow not to spend additional funds on other auxiliary devices.

A good addition to the heat source will betimer with programming function. With this, you can set the on and off times. It is convenient because you can come after work in an already heated apartment, and at night do not be afraid for the device that will work until morning.

Also there are models with automatic supportof the set room temperature. For this purpose, the device switches on and off independently during the whole time only to maintain the temperature. Therefore, before choosing a heater for an apartment, it is worth looking at models with such properties. They will help save the family budget, replacing other devices, and will not require attention during their work.

General recommendations

When choosing the means for heating, preference should be given to the proven manufacturers. Such firms keep their reputation and closely monitor the quality of their products.

Heaters, the overview of which offers youseller, should be carefully studied and selected by you. Otherwise, you can buy what the seller wants, not you. Also, you should always be interested in the price of products of different brands. This will help to understand what you have to pay for.

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