How to choose a good fridge?

When choosing a new refrigerator for your home, you first need to decide on its type, then consider the appropriate models and stay on the best in characteristics. We will briefly review these points and offer you some useful recommendations.

Types of refrigerators

For freezing and cooling, you can use the built-in refrigeration units, standing freezers, portable and transport models, refrigerated cabinets. There are also ice makers for making ice, water coolers, ice cream makers and even special refrigeration models for drugs. Decide what type of refrigerator your home or business needs, and also consider what characteristics it should have.

Choosing the right model

A good refrigerator can be looked after not only in the home appliance store, but also on the Internet. There you can choose equipment from a well-known and high-quality manufacturer, Indesit is considered to be one of the best. - here are the best models from this company, along with characteristics and price comparisons in different stores. You can study in detail the information about the model of interest, and then compare prices and choose the most advantageous offer.

What to look for when choosing?

Convenience in operation, cost, consumer indicators, design - this is the main list of points that should be considered when choosing a suitable model.

  1. The volume for storing food in various forms (fresh, chilled, frozen), the possibility of long freezing, ice harvesting, etc. - the model should be roomy for you.
  2. Pay attention to your diet. If it mainly consists of fresh meat, fresh fish, greens, vegetables, then it is worth taking a model with "zero" divisions. Products for each day are usually stored at t up to 10 ° C, fresh chilled - in the "freshness" chambers at 0 ° C. With “wet freshness” (90% humidity, temperature + 0.5 ... 3 ° C), fruits and vegetables remain fresh longer than at higher temperatures. If you want to keep fresh meat and fresh fish for a week, choose a humidity of about 50% and t + 0.5 ... 3 ° C.“Freshness” departments can be found in models with two or more departments.
  3. If you are making billets for the future, choose models with fast freezing and with a marking of 4 stars. If you do not use frozen food and ice, you can choose a simple refrigerated cabinet or display cabinet.
  4. Freezing capacity - the possibility of freezing from room t to -18 ° C. It is measured in kg per day - about 1 kg / 24 hours per 10 liters of freezing chamber volume.
  5. If you want to purchase a two-compartment refrigerator, select the appropriate combination of functions of these cameras. Traditional for the house - freezing and low-temperature compartments, you can also find refrigeration with the "freshness" department or a combination of the freezing and wine sections.
  6. How well the refrigerator will store frozen products, if the electricity is cut off, depends on the wall thickness. It is estimated by the time for which the temperature in the product will vary from -18 to -9 ° C. It is better to choose models with increased thermal insulation or with additional cold accumulators.
  7. Two compressors are about the same in ease of use as compared to one, but a model with two is more expensive - there is not much point in overpaying for it.
  8. Consideration should be given to the possibility of delivery to the dwelling, as well as the overall design of the kitchen, so that the new refrigerator fits well with it. For a small kitchen, you can choose a refrigerator with dimensions of 60x60 cm, if the kitchen area is less than 6 square meters. m., then a suitable width is 45-50 cm. If you select a model for a house in the village, pay special attention to fire safety. If electricity fails frequently, it is better to choose a model with electromechanical control - it will continue to work at various temperature deviations.

Design is a matter of taste and individual features of the interior. Choose one that fits perfectly into your kitchen. Paying attention to these highlights, you can choose the refrigerator with the best features for your home.

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