How to choose a gas stove?

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How to choose a gas stove?

Are you going to buy a gas stove? Then it is important to choose a model that suits you at the price, and the quality will not fail. How to choose a gas stove? We offer you a number of general recommendations that will help with the selection.


Design is, of course, important. However, choosing a stove, it is necessary to pay attention to its practicality.

Most practical stainless steel plates (stainless steel). They are less susceptible to corrosion and wash well. But hobs with a glass-ceramic surface, despite the attractive appearance, can give you many problems. Divorce, stains of fat - to clean the stove will often. Yes, and glass can break if you drop something heavy on it. Much stronger metal plates, covered with enamel. However, ugly yellow spots may form around them around the burners over time. In addition, the enamel is easy to scratch.

Hob grates. They can be enameled or cast iron.The latter is preferable, since they are practically not subject to mechanical stress. But enameled easier to wash.


The oven in the gas stove can be electric and gas. The gas oven does not have electrical wiring and costs more. But it is believed that the food cooked in an electric oven will taste better.

The oven can also be gas, but with electric grill. Such a combination in gas stoves is quite common. But, as practice shows, the electric grill is not used as often as was assumed when buying. But the price of the stove this addition significantly increases.


Side walls

The main difference between the side walls of plates from different manufacturers is the presence or absence of thermal insulation. Knock on the wall of the plate. Hear a deaf sound, it means that there is thermal insulation. It will help to keep the heat inside the stove and keep the furniture surfaces in contact with the stove from heating.

Additional elements

The main requirements for a modern stove are the functions of electric ignition and gas control. The piezoelectric element will make you forget about matches and lighters. Just press the button, a spark will appear and the flame will light up.Gas control will protect against gas leakage if the flame is extinguished from the draft or liquid escaping from the pan.

An important element is a thermometer built into the oven. However, this element is important if you often bake and love culinary experiments.

These are the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a gas stove.

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