How to choose a bike for kids

If the karapuz urges him not to put him in the stroller, then it's time to pick up another transport for him. Which one? Of course, a bicycle. Kids such a novelty will have to taste, giving them a sense of independence. And parents, correctly choosing it, will be able not only to control the movement of their child, but also help him develop coordination skills. But you just have to choose carefully.How to choose a bike for kids

First of all, when buying a bicycle for kids, parents should think about which model will be ideal for their child. And it's no accident. The thing is that manufacturers of children's vehicles divide them into 4 categories, among which the smallest cyclists are labeled "from 1.5 to 4 years." What does it mean?

First, the fact that by teaching the karapuz the basics of managing a new vehicle, parents always keep under control their actions. This is done using a special pen, which, by the way, can be used also in the event that the child is tired of independently twisting the pedals.

Secondly, for this age group is provided, as a rule, a tricycle - a tricycle. Babies at this age will find it difficult to maintain balance even if two-wheeled vehicles are equipped with special wheels.

Thirdly, for this category a kind of trunk is provided in which the child can put all his “most necessary” things. Yes, and parents it is useful.

In addition to these features, there are several other parameters that must be taken into account when choosing a bicycle for the smallest. And the main one is the growth of the future owner. It is this indicator has a significant impact on the choice of the model. So, for this age group, you should pay attention to those options that are equipped with wheels in 12-14 inches. It is by riding on them that the little boys can freely reach out to the pedals.

And yet, when choosing a bike for babies, parents should understand that there are several other parameters that should be paid attention to.

The first of these is the seat. For this age group, the ideal options will be those models in which it is made in the form of a highchair that has seat belts, as well as a removable limiter, such as, for example, the one that the child's "Baby" bike has. It is especially important when the child is not yet two years old, and he can not always fully control the position of his body in space.

The second is the presence of a foot brake. It is worth noting that this parameter is important only for those models that are not equipped with a special handle for parents. But the presence of the handbrake should alert, because the child simply can not use it.

The third is the material from which the bicycle is made. The metal case is considered ideal, but plastic ones are also found. But the excellent material for the wheels is rubber, although there is an opinion that the plastic better limits the rapid movement of the baby.

The fourth is the handle for control. It is best to have it made of high-quality steel, such as the one that the “Kid” tricycle has. And so that it can be quickly removed or inserted.

These are the basic parameters that parents should take into account when they, together with their baby, go to buy the first ever karapuz bicycle.

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