How to choose a baby walker: tips and reviews

As soon as a baby appears in the family, parents have to acquire new things and objects that will help the baby in development and occupy his leisure time. To one of these purchases can be attributed walker. Children's watches in them are fascinating, and mother's hands are freed for other things. But how to choose them correctly and how to use them in order not to cause harm to your child?

Types and device walker

This item resembles a highchair. It has support for pens, a seat and castors. Crumbs are placed so that the feet touch the floor. The child gradually learns to walk, and he can get it quite quickly and walkersWalkers for children can be of two types: with a seat and pushers (wheelchairs). The first option - for kids who have learned to sit, who are already trying to stand. Another type is for those who are already trying to walk.

How to choose a seat option

It is important to focus on the ground. It must be wide, otherwise there is a danger that if it collides with the object, the crumb will turn over.To make the baby feel less uncomfortable when struck, the sides of the base can be rubberized for cushioning.

In addition, the number of wheels plays a role. Very good, if the model has 6-8 rollers. Their diameter should not be tiny. Walkers for children will be less noisy if their wheels are also rubberized or made of silicone.

The seat itself must be deep, otherwise the crumb may fall out. The fabric must be soft so as not to rub the crotch, but remain durable. The back is good if it is high and firm. Chest bumper choose, focusing on its softness.

walkers baby Price

It is important that the height of the structure be adjusted, then it will be convenient for the baby to stand on the floor with the entire foot. In addition, be sure to read the instructions to find out what weight the baby walkers are designed for.

The price for them will depend on the manufacturer. The more the design meets the above criteria, the more expensive it will be.

How to choose a walker (wheelchair)

Children's products to choose is not easy, because they must be reliable. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to is sustainability.Try tilting the “toy” in different directions to make sure it is reliable.

The wheels should not be small. Since this model is better to use on the street, the rollers should be rubberized. They can not only make no noise when driving, but also will last longer. The baby will be pleased to use such baby walkers.

baby walkers

Reviews speak about one more nuance on which it is desirable to be guided. Some models travel too fast, and the crumb can not keep pace with them and fall, so it would be nice if the design was equipped with an adjustable brake. It can be tweaked to slightly increase the resistance.

In addition, not bad if the model has all sorts of accessories that are designed to develop the baby. The price will be a little higher for baby walkers, but it will be more interesting for the baby to tinker with this toy and he will not leave it on the second day.

Dignity walker

Spending time in this device, the crumb trains the coordination of movements. In addition, each growing up little man is very inquisitive, and he can satisfy this need by getting to the subject of interest to him independently.If the walkers are a wheelchair, children's options here are very diverse and are equipped with additional entertainment programs that satisfy the curiosity of the baby. It is also a big plus for parents, since it is hard to always wear a baby on your hands.


Walkers for children, as well as many other useful items, can carry some drawbacks when used incorrectly. First, because of them the baby can miss an important period of life - crawling. In addition, the child can not stay long walkers. There is also the danger that he will refuse to learn to move independently or learn to walk without walker reviewsEven in this design the crumb hangs, but not worth it. Also, during movement, he often pushes his fingers, as a result, he can get used to tiptoeing, which will cause leg disease and deformity of the feet.

Terms of use

The most delicate are just children's products. Walkers, as well as other items, have their own rules for use.

  1. You can not use this toy until the age of six months. This will hurt the spine crumbs, because he is not yet ready to take such a load.It is better to wait for the child to crawl and sit, well holding the backrest.
  2. In order not to harm the crumbs and not to disturb the correct formation of the skeleton, it is better if the use of this device is dosed. For example, three times a day for several minutes. This time of course can be increased. But it is important to remember that if the crumb sits in the structure for more than forty minutes, he may begin difficulties with the development of the skeleton. In addition, it is important to adjust the height of children's walkers. Reviews say that when a baby only gets to the floor with socks, he is more nervous. Make the height under his height, so that the foot confidently becomes on the floor.
  3. When walking on a walker, you need to put on your child’s shoes, this will help him to keep his leg properly. For this case, the boot should be soft and airy. That the crumb did not slide and was not nervous, the sole has to be rubber.
  4. Always watch out for your child when he plays in a walker. Remove all dangerous and piercing objects so that he does not take them.

When not to use a walker

It is categorically impossible to teach a baby to a walker, if he has not learned a straight posture in a sitting position!baby goods walkerBut besides this caution there are other prohibiting factors.

  1. Starting rickets.
  2. When the baby has a violation of the musculoskeletal system.
  3. If the child moves the legs too actively or vice versa, their tone is very weak.
  4. Fear of a walker.
  5. Between the legs can rub the seat. In this case, you should abandon the walker.

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