How to change avatar?

Not so long ago, I first started a page in one of the many social networks and faced the following problem: I don’t know what an avatar is and how to change an avatar Let's start with the fact that the avatar (avatar, Ava) in Russian means "incarnation". This is a special small picture, often reflecting the character and appearance of the owner of a social network page. Sometimes by avatar you can find out many details about its owner. For example, if the picture has a flute, then, most likely, its owner has a good musical taste or is closely associated with musical art.

Avatar examples

They can be simple or contain animation elements (movement or gestures). They differ from photos in size and image quality, it can be uploaded to your profile on any website. This is not only an image under a nickname, but your face on the Internet. So, I started my registration with Skype. Now consider all the step-by-step instructions for changing the avatar on various web portals on the Internet.

Consider how to change the avatar in Skype.This is done very simply! To begin with, we will determine that Skype is a program that allows you to exchange instant messages, to negotiate simply with sound or with video.

Step one. To change the avatar, we need to hover the mouse over the current avatar and click the left mouse button. Step two. In the window that appears, specify the path of the image or image that we want to install. Or go to the personal data, select the item "change avatar in Skype." In the newly opened window, click "Browse", select the folder with photos or drawings, specify the path we need and click "OK". So we changed the avatar in Skype.

Counter-Strike Avatar

Further more. Being a fan of Counter-Strike: Source, it’s an CSS, I decided to change the avatar here as well. Run the game. The question immediately arises: how to change the avatar in CSS quickly and easily? To change avatars in CSS, we need to select the "Settings" item in the menu, then select "Friends" and click the "Edit" button under our avatar. A window will appear, allowing you to edit the entire profile, scroll just below and see the "avatar change in CSS" item. The goal is reached.

Avatar in Odnoklassniki

The next social network is Odnoklassniki. We create a page for yourself by registering on the site. Enter all the required data that is requested.Now consider how to change the avatar in Odnoklassniki. First select the item "Photo", then "All personal photos", tick the photo that we want to install on the avatar, and select the line "Home". All avatar in Odnoklassniki we changed.

Facebook Avatar

Now let's start conquering the Facebook network. This is the largest social network, but some manage to use it as an advertising channel. If you don't know how to change your Facebook avatar, then further explanations are for you. To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  • hover the cursor over the photo posted on the page and wait for the tooltip;
  • Click on the hint with the words "Edit Photo";
  • select either the "Photograph" item (which is done using the webcam) or the "Upload image". Choose a photo or picture. Also in this tab you can edit the current photo. We successfully changed our Facebook avatar.

Avatar in

My last visited social network -. First create your account. To change the avatar to, move the mouse over the login, and we will have a small window.Next, click the line "Settings", then "General Settings". We are looking for the line "Update photo". Done!

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