How to celebrate New Year in Suzdal?

New Year is a wonderful winter holiday, whichwe are all waiting with great impatience. Preparations to it begin to be conducted in advance. Think about everything: what to cook on the table, in what attire to meet, entertainment program, gifts to friends and relatives. But the most important is the choice of a place where we will see off the old year and meet a new one. It's not for nothing that they say that you will see how you meet him.New Year in Suzdal

There are a huge number of options: in a home environment with relatives and friends, out-of-town trips, in restaurants and cafes and many others. The choice depends on your desires and possibilities. But if you decide that the best option is to change the home environment for a trip to one of the cities of Russia, then we recommend that you meet the New Year in Suzdal. Having made such a choice, you will get a sea of ​​pleasant emotions and a huge number of amazing impressions.

New Year in Suzdal

This city was one of the first Russian cities. Its founder is Yuri Dolgoruky. The city is about 1000 years old. He rightfully owns the title - "the pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia." Located on the river Kamenka, in the Vladimir region.

Deciding to meet the New Year here, you will fall intoa place where there is a huge number of historical monuments. It seems that everything here breathes history. But Suzdal is not only monuments of architecture and sculpture, it is also a city in which there is a rich choice of places for the New Year.

Old streets and wooden houses, snow-coveredtrees give the impression that you are in the realm of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. It's so easy to believe in a fairy tale, that's why tourists are so fond of coming here. Rent a house for the New Year in Suzdal will not be difficult. How can you get here?tours to the new year in Suzdal

Tours for the New Year in Suzdal

You can get here in several ways:

  • By train through Moscow or St. Petersburg to Vladimir. From it to Suzdal can be reached by bus, the distance is not very large, only about 30 kilometers.
  • Personal transport.
  • By bus.

In order not to waste time searching for housing, it is best to book a tour to Suzdal. A house for the New Year or a hotel room - you can choose any of the options yourself.

The tour program includes: fare payment, meeting, accommodation, meals, festive meal and entertainment program. The price can be from 15,000 to 40,000, depending on the level of housing and entertainment complex.

For those who like to plan for themselves an unforgettable vacation, Suzdal is the New Year, which embodies your dream dreams into reality. Variants can be a house for a new year in Suzdal

Where to go on New Year's Eve in Suzdal?

Among the most popular are:

- A holiday in the central square of the city. Here you will be offered a dramatized entertainment program by Father Frost himself with his assistant Snegurochka.

- You can spend a New Year's Eve in one of therestaurants of the city. A large number of varied food options, a fabulous atmosphere, well-chosen music and entertainment - all this awaits you in any city restaurant.

- Visit one of the many city temples. On New Year's Eve it is always crowded. The Suzdal Kremlin was built during the time of Vladimir Monomakh. He is one of the favorite places of citizens and tourists. You will be given a guided tour of the temple, and then you can have a good time and a tasty meal at the "Refectory" suzdal new year

Family holidays in Suzdal

New Year is first of all a home holiday. If you came to Suzdal with your relatives and friends, then the best option for celebrating is to stay at the Dobrolyubovo family estate.

One of the important advantages of this placeis remoteness from the city, it is home-like quiet and cozy. Comfortable rooms, stylized as Russian antiquities, delicious food, a room for children and a Russian bath. Meeting the New Year, you can go out into the yard and fireworks. The children are looked after by experienced educators and animators.

New Year with company in Suzdal

Without any problems you can rent a house here. If you come from a big company, then this will be one of the most profitable options. Just remember that you need to do this in advance.

In the afternoon you can walk around the city in whichthere is something to see. To make purchases, to get gifts, if you still did not have time to do it. In the evening, make all the necessary preparations to make the New Year's Eve pass without any problems. In the morning you can go to the Russian bathhouse, which is most often on the territory of the house, or take a stroll through the snowy forest.

Top 10 New Year's gifts, which you can buy in Suzdal

  1. Wall clock. There are different types. The most popular among local residents and a huge number of tourists, not only from Russia, but all over the world - in the form of wooden houses, hand painted. All watches are unique, unlike others.
  2. Articles made of gzheli. Stands for eggs, mugs, plates.
  3. Caskets made of birch bark are handmade. You can buy them in different shapes and sizes. The range of use of boxes is quite wide: for jewelry, cosmetics, neck scarves and much more. Options will tell your imagination.
  4. For children, you can buy a doll in a national costume. Here they are sold a large number for quite democratic prices.
  5. Ceramic products. Caskets, spoons, plates, mugs. Folk craftsmen can make personal gifts.
  6. Kits for hotter. Prices range from 35 rubles to 100 rubles.
  7. Products made of beads: earrings, beads, necklaces, rings.
  8. Lace that can be used to decorate a home or as an element of a clothing decor.Pushkarskaya Sloboda Suzdal New Year
  9. Painted felt boots. Recently, this national type of winter footwear is very popular not only in the villages, but also in the cities. The most recognized women of fashion will not deny themselves the pleasure of receiving such an exclusive gift. Which not only pleases the eye, but also warms your feet in winter cold.
  10. Embroidered towels made of cotton.

In Suzdal a huge selection of gifts, which are characterized by a rare uniqueness. Each of them carries a particle of the color of one of the oldest cities in Russia.

Reviews of tourists

Numerous visitors of the city say,that it is better not to find a place to celebrate the New Year. Wooden temples, clean air, a huge number of shopping bazaars and shops, where you can buy New Year gifts to your family and friends, a variety of entertainment facilities.Suzdal house for the New Year

The hotel "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" (Suzdal) enjoys great popularity among tourists. New Year can be found here in the company of friends, and family.

It does not matter with whom you came here witha big friendly company or a small family circle. New Year in Suzdal will satisfy the most demanding and whimsical tastes. After all, for this purpose the most important thing is done, without which it is very difficult to imagine the most magical night - the opportunity to believe in a miracle.

In the New Year so want to get into the fairy tale. Come to one of the beautiful cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, and you will have a wonderful opportunity to fully experience this winter holiday, plunging into the atmosphere of the New Year. You will understand that miracles happen not only in a fairy tale.

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