How to catch a crucian carp on a float rod - advice from anglers

Crucian one of the most common fish, which is popular among anglers. This fish differs markedly from its relatives by its appearance: slightly flattened, wide, with silvery or golden scales. If your - fishing, probably wondering how to catch a crucian?

Golden is less common, grows in natural conditions up to 2.5 kg. Silver is smaller - up to 1.5 kg. In most cases, in the reservoirs there is an incredible amount of goldfish, mostly females. Spawning coincides with the spawning of other fish, therefore, smaller, most sturdy fish appear. It is called mestizo or hybrids. In some regions, the reborn silver carp is called bufala and it differs from other hybrids in size.

We catch crucian in early spring

The very first crucians get into the cages of fishermen as soon as the ice melts. In the second half of April, when water heats up above 12 in water bodiesaboutC, the prey comes out of the pits to feed, where the depth is less than 2 meters. At this time, catching crucian carp poisoning, good biting is guaranteed.

In early spring, it is better to follow a crucian to shallow lakes, where water warms up faster than in rivers or reservoirs. Depending on local weather conditions, the difference is 2-3 weeks.

The crucian manifests the most activity in sunny and calm weather when the water warms up, so fishing is best caught from day 12 until evening. In the spring there are frequent cold spells, respectively, and the bite weakens or disappears.

For spring fishing, the temperature regime plays a larger role than the change in atmospheric pressure. You can't get away from instinct, and the fish, preparing for the upcoming spawning, feeds heavily, not paying attention to the differences in atmospheric pressure and the presence of a predator - a pike. In cold water, the metabolic process slows down, and the fish falls into a stupor.

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In April and early May, anglers prefer to catch a crucian with feeder tackle (English bottom rod), which, due to heavy bottom adaptations, will go better with the current.Match fishing rods are more suitable for standing water for long range fishing.

Carp fishing in May (second half)

Beginning in the second half of May, the water loses its transparency due to stormy vegetation, and the crucian carp leaves in shallow water, sheltering in coastal thickets. In these places, spawning occurs, which begins in the second half of May, when water warms up to 16aboutWith and more. At such a time it is good to catch on the "float" (float fishing rod), but do not forget about silence and disguise.

For successful fishing information is interesting that the spawning of a crucian consists of several stages. Larger fish spawn first, while small and medium ones continue feeding. In general, spawning lasts until mid-June.

In early spring, the carp well takes nozzles of animal origin - bloodworm, maggot, insect larvae, worms. In the second half of May, she prefers plant packings, as there is no feed base in the reservoirs and there is no need to choose.

You can lure, most importantly, not to overdo it. A few handfuls of steamed cake is enough. If you add to the bait minced worm or moldy worm, the fish will respond better.

Summer carp fishing

In the summer, the crucian goes out for feeding at night, so the best bite is in the early morning and evening dawn. During this period, there is a large individual, up to 2 kg.

The crucian carp reacts to the change of weather, therefore it is better to catch in moderately warm weather, with a weak south-westerly or southerly wind. The bite will stop at once, if the wind abruptly changes and catches up the clouds. Good bite and in rainy weather, when it rains.

To catch a crucian in the summer, you will need skill and vegetable baits, such as bread (preferably rye), steamed cereals, cereals. Karasik at this time full, lazy and terrible fussy, so the nozzle and bait change constantly. Flax or hemp oil is added to the bait, sometimes vanilla. Catch on a worm, bloodworms, shrimps. However, in the summer, he prefers vegetable food: peas, barley, corn, breadcrumbs.

The place for fishing is selected classic. If float fishing rods - it is better to catch near the aquatic vegetation or in the glade between them. An ideal place with a slight difference in depth, 1 or 2 meters.

An unfamiliar place is pre-examined, a fish is played,looking for crowded places no more than one and a half meters deep. The carp is found in such places with a slight trembling of the reed stalks.

We catch crucian on “float”

The most common tooling - fishing rod with a tightly fixed float. Rod length of 4-7 meters. In another embodiment, the rod with a sliding float and a reel. Above the float is mounted rubber stopper, with which the depth is regulated. Minus - tackle can get confused when casting. The line is selected for float gear from 0.15 to 0.30 mm, hooks No. 5-6, sometimes No. 7.

For successful fishing requires "sensitive" floats. Professionals select special, so-called sports floats. If you are not going to catch a crucian carp professionally, you should not listen to their advice.

The division of floats on sports and simple - conditional. The simplest float is mounted on a fishing line in one place and if the sinker does not touch the bottom, it is immersed in water by 75-90%. In this situation, the fish will have to put a lot of effort to pull prey.

A completely different float - sports. The surface part is in the form of an antenna, the weight is low, and the buoyancy is almost zero, which facilitates crucian embedding.There are several cargoes: a large one is located half a meter from the hook; small load or "podpasok" - at the beginning of the leash. When the bite begins, the float does not fall on the water, but stays upright and floats slightly, which helps control the nozzle.

From the middle of summer the big crucian becomes cautious, as well as the bites, so a sports float is simply necessary.

How to choose a rod

For fishing do not always use a fishing rod with a reel. Sometimes use the fly fishing rod. Bologna tackle is suitable in places over, and in stagnant water with a shallow depth, a fly fishing rod is ideal. Another advantage of the fly fishing rod: if the crucian carp is in the thickets or hid under the bark, a fly fishing rod can be more accurately put the nozzle and do hooking.

When buying, they are also guided by the length of the rod: up to 5 meters - fiberglass, above 5 meters - carbon fiber. Plug rods made of carbon fiber with a shortened line are also suitable, especially if these are remote and hard-to-reach windows. Just do not forget that carbon fiber conducts electricity well, so in a thunderstorm or near power lines such rods are not used.

When fishing for small crucian carp, a semi-semi-collic string will be suitable; for a large one, a tougher rod is chosen.

After fishing, any rod is cleaned from sand, silt and mud and dried, otherwise one of the knees will stick at the most inopportune moment.

Bite crucian

Bites have a variety of carp, but sure. When the prey came to the nozzle, the float trembles or “crushes” (light circles depart), then it quickly goes to the side (it’s time to hook).

Cutting should be sharp and confident, the lips of a crucian carp are fleshy and the hook clings well. When too sharp hooking or premature, the fish will leave the hook.

If the prey is caught, fishing is easy, it is weakly resisting (the first seconds after hooking are the most serious) and rarely tears the line. Much worse, if you go into the reeds, where it can confuse gear. Take out of the water carefully, slowly pulling up to the shore or to the boat. When he gets into the tank, he is waiting for an ear for dinner.

On the river, biting is more intense than in a pond or lake. However, it is impossible to build a specific schedule for a bite. Sometimes in nearby water bodies, the nibble is different.

Carp refers to the desired trophies that are found in reservoirs, and few of the avid fishermen say with certainty that he is a crucian.After all, crucian carp, fish is cunning, pereborchivaya (especially in summer) and is capricious, so that no bait or experiments with nozzles will bring results.

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These are the realities of life and the harsh essence of fishing. Do not despair, and when, after several days of torrential rains, in the evening, the prerequisites of a cloudless morning appeared - quit your job and go fishing.

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