How to carry shoes?

Sometimes buying a new shoe brings a lot of suffering, and all of them are connected with the fact that the new shoe is not as comfortable as the beloved old pair of shoes, it presses and rubs. What to do to ease your fate, how to distribute shoes? In this case, the main thing is that you should not plan to put on new shoes immediately, first walk in her house at least half an hour. This time is enough to understand whether the new shoes are rubbing.

Every person who has ever encountered the question of how to carry tight shoes knows that this task is not simple, and requires sacrifice. The main victim is that you still have to walk around in uncomfortable shoes.

How to carry shoes. Options:

  • Specialized tools, so-called stretch marks for shoes. The tool must be applied to the inside of the shoe, then shoe it and walk for a while. For greater effect, it is worth wearing out shoes with a thick toe.
  • Vodka or alcohol. These fluids evaporate quite well, so brushing your new shoes from the inside and putting them on thick socks will not take you long to dry.Procedure to repeat the required number of times.
  • Warm water. Vodka can be replaced with warm water. In this case, water should be poured into shoes so that it is moistened evenly, and pour out the remaining water. Then the procedure is identical - wear shoes with a thick sock and walk around in it for a couple of hours.
  • Cold and packages with water. This option is suitable if you are interested in how to distribute leather shoes, but in no way varnish. For this method, you will need sealed bags filled with water. They must be placed in shoes, so that they tightly fill the inner space of the shoes, and put the shoes in the refrigerator for several hours. After removing the bags from the shoes and let them warm up under natural conditions, and only then put them on.
  • Abundant lubrication with cream, this option is not suitable for suede shoes. After you have smeared shoes, you must wear it on a thick sock and walk a couple of hours, the procedure should be repeated several times.
  • Newspaper. First, moisten the shoes from the inside with warm water, and then firmly stuff it with a newspaper, pre-grinding it into pieces (for convenience). The newspaper in this case will replace your leg with a thick toe, and will not allow shoes to shrink. The drying process will take longer than when worn.Another option is to fill your shoes with a wet newspaper, but in this case the drying process will take more than a day.
  • Castor oil (can be replaced with burdock or sunflower). Before you grease your shoes with oil, it must be heated, this can be done with a hair dryer or a cloth moistened with hot water (wrapping shoes with it). After the heated shoes are abundantly oiled, it must be worn on a thick sock and worn for a couple of hours. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  • Soap or wax. In addition, removing the load of tight shoes on the feet helps lubricate it from the inside with a solution of soap, or a moistened piece of soap, as well as wax.
  • In addition, you can use the services of shoe shops that stretch your shoes on special equipment.

Whichever way you choose, it is worth remembering that the human foot is individual, and therefore you will be more comfortable in shoes worn with your own legs and thick socks.

Sometimes new shoes need to be put on urgently, and then the question arises: how to quickly distribute shoes And in this situation, you will have to be upset because you will have to wear them in the process, since you can’t immediately carry the shoes, and the simplest option can take from a few hours to a couple of days to wear shoes on a thick sock.

In addition, it will be useful to read other articles of our site devoted to this topic: “How to distribute suede shoes?” And “How to distribute shoes?”. However, be aware that footwear is worn by millimeters at home, in the workshop you will be helped to play up to a maximum of half the size (which sounds very optimistic). Therefore, do not take shoes if it really presses you, no matter how wonderful it is.

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