How to care for tomatoes?

Tomatoes from the garden, grown by own hands,large, juicy, just ripped off and such appetizing - the dream of any trucker! But that this joyful moment has come, it takes a lot of strength, time and skills. Easier, you will tell, to descend in the nearest supermarket and to buy tomatoes there. Of course, it's easier, but nothing will replace the fragrance, and most importantly, the charm of tomatoes, along with which you have come a long way from the seed to the fleshy fruit! But this way is not at all simple. All the plants from which we get the harvest, love the care. It is correctly said among the people that until you put your hands on and bend your back, you will not get a harvest. But how to care for tomatoes? And how to do this as correctly as possible? Let's start the truck farming lesson.

Planting tomatoes

You took care for a long time and watched how it growsseedlings on your window. And finally the time came for her to land. In the open ground tomatoes are usually planted from mid-May to mid-June. It all depends on the weather. The process of planting is not very difficult. It should be carefully, without damaging the root of the plant, bury it in a small hole. Around the bush, dung manure or other fertilizer, sprinkle a little with soil and water abundantly. Now your tomatoes begin to grow freely!

Correct watering of tomatoes

It would seem that it may be easier to water? You take water, and all affairs! But the watering of tomatoes has its own subtleties. Tomatoes come from the south, so they really love the warmth, plenty of sunlight and water. Water for irrigation should not be cold, the best temperature is 35-37 degrees. Watering tomatoes should be abundant, but carefully. It is better to direct the stream of water directly under the root of the plant. Then it is necessary to loosen the earth around the bush. Caring for tomatoes, do not damage the roots, it can ruin a plant.

If the weather is hot and dry, then water the tomatoesneed in two days. If there was a rainy season, you can limit yourself once a week or even less. Also tomatoes like spraying. It is made with warm water, but do not forget that you need to spray the plants when the sun is not baking (early morning or late evening). Otherwise, the sun can just burn the leaves. When tomatoes are watered seldom and they do not have enough moisture, this is immediately noticeable. Begin to fall off the ovaries and flowers, if already there are fruits, they crack. You immediately understand how to care for tomatoes, you just need to start.

Garter tomatoes

To tie tomatoes, prepare stakessmall size. It is better if they are located on the north side. The distance from the peg to the bush is about 5-10 cm. If you have already planted large plants in the ground, tie them up at once. The garter is made with the help of an ordinary household rope, rather dense, but soft. We must constantly monitor that this rope does not cut into the stem, because this can lead to the death of the plant.

Top dressing of tomatoes

If you want to grow ecologically cleanproduct, do not use inorganic fertilizers for fertilizing. Do not get involved in chemistry. The best option is a ground eggshell and ash. Just sprinkle everything around each bush and pour a large amount of water. These minerals are quite enough for a plant for normal development and growth.

Liquid top dressing is also very important. You can make it yourself, simply by pushing manure or chicken manure on the water (1-2 kg per 200 liters). Liquid and dry top dressing is best alternated.

If the plants bloom badly, try sprinklingtheir solution of boric acid. The solution should be a weak concentration (10 liters of water - 1-2 grams of boron). If several times per season to conduct such a procedure, the number of fruits will increase at times!

Pasynkovanie tomatoes

Good yield is highly dependent on thisprocedures. In the axils of tomato leaves grow so-called stepchildren. They need to be deleted. As soon as their size reaches 3 centimeters, ruthlessly cut at the very bottom! The main thing is to do it carefully.

There is still a small trick to attract pollinator insects. Sprinkle your tomatoes with a weak sugar solution or honey solution.

Now you know how to care for tomatoes. Many professional truck farmers call this the rules of several "P". If you follow these simple rules and take care of tomatoes constantly, with desire and love, then you will become the proud owner of a wonderful harvest! And how nice to feed the family with delicious, healthy and ecologically clean tomatoes that have grown and matured thanks to your proper care, care and knowledge!

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