How to care for Persian kittens

Cats are cute animals that are loved by children and the majority of adults, and even the one who doesn’t tolerate representatives of the cat breed will be indifferent to a small fluffy lump. So, let's talk about how to care for to care for kittensIf you decide to start a small pedigree kitten, then the best choice for you would be a Persian.

What kind of breed are Persians?

Persian cats are rather calm and devoted pets. If you for some reason did not walk with your cat on the street, your pet will not be very naughty. He calmly settles on the couch and will wait until you come to him. Of course, if you are a very busy person, and you don’t have even half an hour for your Fluffy, then it’s better not to have a Persian at all. Persian cats feel the mood of the owner, they are very playful, affectionate, but they will calmly wait for you at home without meowing. Therefore, the Persians can be kept both in a large mansion and in a small apartment.These cats get along very well with children.

What is the care of the Persians?

Caring for Persian kittens is somewhat different from caring for simple ones. If you purchased a little fluffy miracle, you must keep it incare for persian kittensperfect cleanliness. Persian kittens require maximum attention. Daily care includes regular combing of thick wool and other uncomplicated hygiene procedures. We will not focus your attention on teaching a kitten to the toilet (tray), a scraper, but we will tell you more interesting and necessary things.

Combing wool

Combing wool is a must-have daily procedure, because if you run this case, you will be combing tangles. You should know how to care for kittens, or rather for their fur. It is necessary to purchase two special combs for combing: one with sparse teeth, the other - a thicker underbrush for carding. You need to start combing from the very first days to develop a habit, otherwise an adult cat will not allow you to do this with its wool. First, comb with a comb with occasional teeth against the fur on the tummy and under the legs, then on the back with another comb.And another reason for combing wool in a Persian kitten is that wool gets shreds into the digestive organs of an animal, and this represents a serious danger to its health.

Bathinggames we care for kittens

The process of bathing for a kitten should become familiar, so it is better to teach him not to be afraid of water from the first days. How to care for kittens through swimming? The bath nourishes the skin well, opens the pores, makes the fur of the Persian fluffy and shiny. You need to wash it once a month with baby shampoo. To do this, pour water in a basin of 38 degrees and soap the back and legs of a kitten standing in water. Rinse well not with a shower, but with gentle watering from the hand, changing the water in the basin several times. You lather your baby (except for the head) again and rinse it thoroughly (3 times). Before bathing the fur must be combed. Teach a kitten to a hairdryer, with which you dry it to the end. Protect the animal from drafts.

Ear care

How to care for kittens, especially for their ears? When bathing, try to prevent water from entering the ear canal, becausepeachpossible inflammation of the middle ear - otitis. Care includes regular cleaning with a cotton swab the auricle.This is done simply.

Cat eyes

A characteristic feature of the Persians is their color tearing. Every day you need to wipe the inner corner of the eye from brown tears with a damp cloth.

And if the kittens are naughty?

These are the simple features of the care of the Persians will allow you to have a healthy pet in the house. Small kittens are difficult to keep in one place: they run, jump, tumble. But even during the game we care for the kittens.

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