How to care for lilies?

Lilies on the flower-beds are given a place of honor: it is beautiful, elegant and does not require complex care. However, you need to know how to care for the lilies, so that the flowers do not hurt and long pleased the eye.

Select a bulb

Lilies are most often multiplied by bulbs, andthis applies to both indoor and garden varieties. When buying a bulb you should carefully inspect: they should be large, elastic, with dense scales, without brown spots. When spring planting, pay attention to the sprouts - bulbs with elongated sprouts are better to reject immediately. Plant lilies in May under film shelters or in early September to a permanent place. Room flowers can be planted at any time.


Lilies prefer lighted areas orpenumbra with morning sun. The soil must be prepared in advance: fit loose and nutritious, moderately moist sandy loam or loam. If there is a question about how to care for a room lily, then put the flower better in a lighted place, one in such a way that it does not get direct sunlight.

How to keep a flower in winter

For the winter lilies are covered with lapnik, and the easternhybrids - also polyethylene: these varieties do not like waterlogging the soil during autumn rains. In the spring, before the active growth begins, the film and lapnik are removed, and the plantings are fed with nitrogen fertilizer. After the appearance of the first shoots, lilies are watered with a Bordeaux liquid to get rid of pests. During the tying of buds, fertilizing is carried out with a complex fertilizer. This contributes to the formation of strong and healthy bulbs. Several times during the summer you can feed the lilies with a solution of wood ash.

How to care for lilies in the winter

House flowers in the winter season require less moisture, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of watering and fertilizing in the spring to make the course the plants with chemical fertilizers.


Water lilies under the root, trying not to soakleaves, especially in hot sunny weather. From large droplets on the leaves remain burns, in the place which later develops botrytis - gray rot. After the termination of flowering, moderate watering is especially important, at this time bulbs are formed.


Cutting flowers, you need to leave a large bushpart of the leaves. Cutting the stems under the root leads to weakening of the plant. To loosen the soil under the lilies is not recommended because of the danger of damaging the roots, so the mulch several times a season must be carefully cleaned and replaced with a new one. If it is a question of how to care for a home lily, then it does not need a mulch. For this flower is sold specially balanced soil.

Once in 4-5 years, bushes of lilies are excavated, divided andseated. If on bulbs there are traces of diseases or pests, then they are treated: remove damaged scales and roots, and the bulbs themselves are soaked in carbophos, and they always change the landing site.

If all these conditions are met, the lilies will delight the grower with abundant flowering and fragrant aroma.

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