How to buy a good Chinese tablet

Today, more and more people are striving to beindependent of their workplace, namely from a personal computer. To help them come laptops, netbooks and other portable devices, which with rapid speed began to occupy the shelves of stores. But not everyone is satisfied with high prices, and in such cases people tend to buy a Chinese tablet.

Chinese tablet

How to buy?

Those who try to purchase a tablet as much as possiblecheap, order this portable device in various Chinese stores, where the price is lower by several times than in our country. But such purchases entail certain risks. Due to the fact that the Chinese tablet is packed into a fairly thin box, touch screens are often broken during the delivery process. Remember that when you buy in a Chinese online store, you do not receive any guarantees for the operation of the device, so in the event of a breakdown, you will have to repair at your own expense. Another nuance is that not every Chinese tablet can be repaired, and sometimes the owners have to just throw them out after the first breakdown.

How does the tablet construction develop and is it worth buying last year's news?

A few years ago, when buying manydevices from China, the owners were very upset because they received low-quality fakes or simply non-working devices. Already last year the situation began to change drastically. The Chinese began to use in their products a powerful "iron" and high-quality materials. Therefore, if you want a really high-quality thing, then better buy Chinese tablets in 2013. If you do not pursue modern facilities and games, then last year's model will suffice you.

Chinese Tablets 2013

Is it worth usingChinese tabletas a navigator?

Recently, many motorists are buyingcars with built-in gps-systems, but what if your car is not equipped with it? In such cases, a Chinese tablet with gps comes to the aid, because it includes both navigator functions and multimedia capabilities like listening to music or watching videos. If you decide to resort to such an outlet, then pay attention to the battery capacity of this device. The more it is bigger and the weaker the "filling", the better.

What should I look for when buying a device in my country?

If you decide not to take a risk and buy a tabletin your city, then first inspect it for the presence of scratches on the front panel, because then it will be almost impossible to prove that this is not you damaged the touch screen. After first turning on the device, it is recommended to check the screen for broken pixels. It's easy to calculate them: just run some bright picture and carefully inspect the display.

Chinese tablet with gps

If some black spots on the screen are visiblepoints where they should not be, then ask to replace the tablet. Further it is better to check all communication modules for operability. Start Wi-Fi and see if reception is stable, is it too weak? For testing gps, you can use any program-navigator. If your tablet easily finds its location on the map - everything is fine.

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