How to build a road?

Always at the sight of a damaged transport bed, we involuntarily wonder if it really is so difficult to build a solid, normal road that we wouldn’t repair every year. It will be pleasant to everyone to go with a breeze on a flat road, without being afraid to fall into a huge ditch. It is clear that the construction of the road - the work is difficult, time consuming and costly. But let's still figure out how to build a road in compliance with all the rules and technical requirements.

Road construction

  • The first action will be the study of the ground, which intend to "lay the road." This will prevent subsidence and the occurrence of failures after the construction of the road. Then they carry out the development of the soil (they make a special deepening in the soil, stamp it and compact it) with the help of a special technique (sometimes the work is done manually).
  • Then laying a strip of geotextile to rubble, delivered by trucks, did not go into the ground under a passing heavy machine.Next, lay slag, and a granite shield on it, which helps to get the necessary coupling between all layers and the base of the road.
  • Spread a layer of rubble is not just a mound, but adhering to a special technology, according to which the larger rubble is poured out first, and then the smaller. Here he is already rolling away and seeping into the voids between the large rubble, hammering holes. Such an approach is necessary for the base to become more stable, dense and elastic.
  • Next, put asphalt. Also layered. Their number depends on the load and type of road. Accordingly, each type of road produces its own type of asphalt, which can be coarse-grained, or dense, fine-grained, or porous.
  • Rammed asphalt by attracting special machines. Under pressure, asphalt grapples with all previous layers of the future road more firmly.

Conclusion: an important role in the construction of roads is allotted to its basis (foundation). Creating a solid, reliable and durable basis, you build a road that will last more than one year.

How much does it cost to build a road

  • Hour tractor operation costs about 1000 - 2000 rubles.
  • With a time expenditure of 10 hours, a good tractor operator with supervision, is able to dig a 100 meter cuvette on one side. Accordingly, 20 working hours (to make a seizure from two sides) will cost approximately 20-40 thousand rubles.
  • About 3 hours will take the tractor planning profile of the roadway. It will be worth 3000 - 6000 rubles.
  • When buying a pipe with a diameter of 200-400 mm for drainage of water into a ditch, the cost will increase by another 2,000 rubles.
  • If you are going to buy perennial grass, which is very advised to sow on the slopes, then it is better to turn your attention to clover. This plant is not whimsical and forms a beautiful turf, thereby ensuring the stability of the slopes. It will cost about 5,000 rubles.

In addition, it is possible and very necessary to strengthen the ditch by planting bushes. The privet shows itself perfectly in this respect - unpretentious, it grows quickly and grows superbly, thus creating a hedge. Such a shrub will prevent soil creep, snowing in winter and weathering. A bush costs about 5-10 rubles. If you need 100 - 200 bushes, you will have to spend another 1000 rubles.

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