How to assemble the machine?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 26, 2014
How to assemble the machine?

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How to assemble the machine?

Every man should know how to assemble and disassemble the machine. If you have never done this before but want to get started, our recommendations will help you. Consider how to assemble the machine, for example, AK-74m.

Assembly machine

Before assembling the machine, it must be cleaned and lubricated. For proper and comfortable assembly you will need:

  • level and free from excess items surface;
  • prepared parts laid out carefully before your eyes;
  • focus on action (to put things right).

The assembly of the machine is as follows:

  1. Raise the switch up, attach the gas tube, lower the switch until it clicks. If you have not heard the click, then this procedure must be done again.
  2. Install the bolt on the bolt carrier.
  3. Attach the bolt carrier with a bolt to the machine. Here you need to make sure that they freely go back and forth.
  4. We put the return mechanism in the box. We move forward, we fall into the grooves,machinethen move backwards.
  5. Install the back cover. In this case, you need to get into the groove and easily press on the machine.
  6. Then lightly press on the front cover so that it fits into place.
  7. Pressing the trigger pull the trigger (shutter).
  8. Fuse translate into closed mode.
  9. We fasten the flame arrester.
  10. Put the cleaning rod. It is worth noting that in some cases this can be done by lightly pressing or hitting.
  11. Carefully complete the case and return it to the butt.
  12. Install the store.
  13. The assembly of the AK-74m is complete.
  14. We check the work of the machine after the assembly - we lower the fuse and, raising the barrel up (directing from us), we make a test shot.

During assembly, you must be careful, as you work with weapons.

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