How to build a castle in minecraft?

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How to build a castle in minecraft?

Building your home in Minecraft is one of the primary tasks for the player. And if the construction of a hut or, for example, a bungalow located on the shore of a picturesque lake, is not particularly difficult, then for the construction of this medieval castle you need some knowledge. So, how to build a castle in minecraft?

We connect the imagination

First of all, imagine the future look of your castle. Alternatively, we use pre-prepared versions of various medieval castles, taken from a network, a book or a movie.

We plan to build

  1. After the template is ready, we decide on the scale. If the building is planned to be very large, then we draw a view of the castle from above, where we draw in detail not only its towers or donjon, but also the inner courtyard with all the planned buildings.
  2. Next, we reproduce the lock in full scale in Minecraft, while not forgetting to use different color notation for the exterior walls, the tower or the main entrance.
  3. It is worth noting that making the walls diagonally, the resulting castle will not become square or diagonal.

Building a castle

Then begins the process of construction.

  1. First, choose the most optimal land. The best option is to choose not only a flat area, but also protected from different sides. Therefore, we stop our choice on those sites, which are located on hills or islands.
  2. We stock up at least 50 piles of stone or brick. As an option, we use semi-blocks of stone or bricks of clay, giving the building different color shades.
  3. We use wool for decoration.Castle
  4. The foundation of the castle is necessarily made solid to give it an impregnable appearance.
  5. Next, select the height and thickness of the towers, as the material for them, use cobble or untreated wood.
  6. To enhance the defensive power of the castle, leave the upper part open and place the catapults there.
  7. A variety of laboratories placed only on closed towers.

We build bulwarks

  1. Next, create a kind of roof for observation posts.Castle
  2. The main thing - do not save on the little things.For example, we build reinforcements on the walls, create loopholes, ladders.

Roof construction

  1. After this, proceed to the construction of the roof. The ideal option is to build a triangular roof.
  2. Remember that its height should be lower than the wall.


  1. To give life to your courtyard, use the land with grass.
  2. After that, we proceed to decorating the houses for security, safes, boxes and much more.

Some tips

  1. During construction it is necessary to maximize yourCastlefantasy.
  2. Do not make gross mistakes during planning. For example, cut through large windows at the bottom of the castle, thereby facilitating access to their enemies in the inner part of the castle. Or, breaking through the underground passage, forget to put a door at the exit from it.
  3. It is especially important to respect the scale of all its buildings, so that none of them look very small or, conversely, excessively large.

Now you know how to build a beautiful castle in minecraft.

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