How to bring a woman to orgasm?

If earlier it was indecent to raise this topic, now you can speak openly. Nobody likes egoists, therefore every man should do everything so that his beloved would feel happy in moments with him alone. How to bring a woman to orgasm? To understand exactly how to do this, first we will look into the physiology of the female orgasm.

How does a female orgasm

A woman is able to experience a vaginal and clitoral orgasm. According to modern sexologists, two nerves are responsible for the emergence and strength of the female orgasm. The first - “sexual” - innervates the clitoris; the second - “pelvic” - innervates the external genitalia. The first nerve is responsible for the occurrence of the clitoral orgasm, the second - for the occurrence of the vaginal orgasm.

It is also worth noting that the woman’s clitoris is a special organ, designed specifically for its owner to experience an orgasm. The clitoris has many nerve endings, because the clitoral orgasm is much more common than the vaginal.The pelvic nerve passes through the vagina and urethra, so when a woman has a vaginal orgasm, her urethra can also contract.

To reach the clitoral orgasm is possible with the help of maturbation, skillful movements of hands and tongue. In order for a woman to experience a vaginal orgasm, the male penis should stimulate her vagina for about half an hour.

How to quickly bring a woman to orgasm

To do this, learn to stimulate point G, which is a small tubercle located on the front wall of the vagina at a depth of about 5 cm. Point G is a small cluster of vessels and sensory nerve endings. You can find the G point in your woman. For this it is better to choose the time before or after orgasm. A woman should be excited. Lay the woman on her back, gently insert your finger into the vagina with the pad up and try to find the point G. The surface of the vagina from the inside is soft and smooth, but the point G will stand out with its tuberosity. Search for it should be at the highest point of the front wall of the vagina.

G point stimulation

Point found how to stimulate? Sometimes, especially if this has not happened to a woman before,Stimulation of the G-spot can cause urination, but it soon passes and so pleasant sensations arise that a woman can start to ejaculate, like a man. Therefore, the correct stimulation of the G point is the most correct answer to the question of how to bring a woman to a jet orgasm.

Manual stimulation

It is possible to stimulate the G point both with hands and with the help of suitable sexual postures.

How to bring a woman to orgasm? You need to lay a woman on your back, ask to bend your knees so that the woman is leaning on her feet, spread her hips a little to the sides. Next, straighten the palm, connect the ring and middle fingers and place them together at a right angle to the rest of the fingers. Then you penetrate with the nameless and middle fingers into the vagina of a highly excited woman and bend your fingers in the shape of the letter “P”, without removing them from the vagina. In this position, the point G is stimulated. Check that everything is correct? The palm should be pointing down, the index finger should also be pointing down and pressed against the woman’s buttock, the middle and ring fingers should be inserted into the vagina as far as possible and in the “P” position.If everything is as it should, start moving your fingers up and down into the vagina at a speed of up to 2 movements per second. Point G will begin to swell, and the woman will experience a strong orgasm, which may result in female ejaculation. As soon as a woman begins to feel an orgasm, remove your fingers from her vagina and let her feel the pleasure. When the orgasm is over, you can repeat all of the above as many times as necessary.

Stimulation during sex

Proper stimulation of point G by the penis should occur at a shallow depth. If you make frequent shocks in this position, the member will start rubbing against the point G and cause its excitement. But a lot also depends not only on the movements, but also on the pose in which the couple has sex.

Suitable poses:

  1. A woman stands on all fours on the bed, leaning on the surface with her knees and palms; a man enters a woman from behind.
  2. The woman lies on the bed on the stomach, brings her legs together and pulls them out; man enters from behind.
  3. A woman lies on a low surface (for example, on a table), spreads her legs to the sides; man enters, kneeling on the floor.

Point G gives rise to a vaginal orgasm.And how to achieve clitoral? How to bring a woman to orgasm, using her clit?

Stimulation of the clitoris

It can occur by hand (manually), with the help of the tongue (orally) and in certain poses for sex.

Manual stimulation

Immediately proceed to the stimulation of the clitoris can not, it is a very sensitive organ. First, you need to properly “warm up” a woman, stimulating her other erogenous zones - neck, lips, chest, inner thighs. So you will not only make the right transition to manual stimulation of the clitoris, but also be able to increase the sensation of a woman from orgasm.

The clitoris has a very sensitive head, so for some women, direct contact with it causes negative emotions and even pain. During manual stimulation, constantly monitor the feelings of your partner, her reaction to your actions. It is very important!

Gentle circular or stroking movements are suitable for stimulating the clitoris. They should be done at an average speed - not slowly, but not fast. Stroke the top of the clitoris, its sides, massage it between the index finger and thumb.

Oral stimulation

How to bring a woman to orgasm using the tongue? When cunnilingus can not constantly stimulate only the clitoris of a woman, pay attention to other parts of her genitals.The very stimulation of the clitoris should be built on light kisses, sucking and licking the clitoris. Watch the reaction of the woman, as the preferences of each individual. Avoid hard direct impact on the clitoris head.

Sexy poses

How to bring a woman to orgasm using poses? Here is a good posture, when a woman lies with her legs apart, on a low surface, a man kneeling enters inside and stimulates the clitoris with his free hands.

This posture will also help: the woman lies on the bed on her back with her legs closed, the man enters it from above. Tight pubic contact and flattened legs increase the chances of getting a female orgasm.

The third position: A man lies on the bed on his back, a woman sits on top of his penis, while facing the man. Leaning her arms on men's shoulders or chest, a woman bends her back, extends her legs back as far as possible. In order not to lose balance, women's legs should be located on the sides of men's legs. In this position, the woman dominates - she must make a rotational movement of the hips. If everything is correct, then an orgasm can be achieved in one or two minutes.

Now you know how to bring a woman to orgasm in many ways. But first of all, remember that the way to the emancipation, and hence to the full enjoyment of pleasure, is in the woman’s head, so show attention and care to her emotional state. This is the main answer to how quickly to bring a woman to orgasm.

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