How to breathe correctly when squatting? The role of breathing in performing exercises

In order to understand how to breathe correctly when squatting, you need to learn to perform the exercise itself, understand where to put your feet, how to hold your back and what to do with the barbell on your shoulders.

Description of the exercise

Squat with a barbell on the shoulders is one of thebasic exercises. It involves several muscle groups, knee and hip joints. Also, a large load falls on the spine. It is important to take into account those people who have contraindications, as well as recommendations from doctors. When performing the exercise, the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back and abdomen are involved. How to breathe properly during squats can be understood by starting to perform the exercise itself.

Initial position

Spread your legs shoulder width apart or slightly wider. The feet must be parallel to each other, the toes of the feet are slightly apart to the sides (about 15-20 degrees). This position is most comfortable for the ankles and is anatomically to breathe properly when squatting

If the exercise is performed with a barbell on the shoulders,then the projectile should be located on the upper back (on trapezius muscles). Other variants of sit-ups (with a dumbbell or other equipment, without additional weights) can be performed with different versions of the position of the hands: on the belt, stretched out ahead of oneself, at the head, etc. The back is straight, the press is in tension.

Technique of execution

Standing in the starting position, start movingDown - on inhalation, while lifting - exhalation. How to breathe properly when squatting, technique, the role of breathing in the exercise - all this affects the effectiveness of the entire workout.

Squatting is carried out to a position of 90 degreesbetween the hip and lower leg. This technique is used in a fitness format. Weightlifters, bodybuilders use a technique in which this angle of 90 degrees must be traversed. That is, the squatting is performed below. You can use any option. It is believed that the most effective exercises when the athlete crouches below the parallel (the femur parallel to the floor). When the necessary position is reached, the upward movement begins. In this case, the question of how to breathe correctly when squatting, should no longer to breathe properly while squatting

Throughout the movement, the chest is open, the shoulders are straightened, the back is straight, the sight is directed forward or upward.

If the squat is carried out with the bar, then beforethe way to start it, you need to go to the bar, determine its middle, choose the optimal position for the hands, fix them on the fretboard. After this, it is necessary to place both legs strictly under the bar (without a difference), to fix the projectile on the upper back (namely, on the trapezius muscles). Only after this, you can remove the bar from the racks, take a few steps back, straighten and start doing the exercise.

Specific instructions for the execution technique

It is very important to understand that squat isa technically complex exercise that requires maximum concentration and attention. When lowering down, it is important to keep an eye on the knees. They must remain in place, be directed forward, and you do not need to allow movement behind the toe of the foot. From the outside it looks like a person sits on an imaginary chair. It is necessary to keep your back flat and hold the barbell firmly on your to breathe properly in aerobic squats

When returning to the starting position, the legs shouldbe straightened, but the knee joint should be slightly bent. It is not necessary to straighten the legs completely (do not block the joint). During the entire exercise, the feet should be firmly pressed to the floor, do not tear off the heels from the floor.

Squatting exercises

In order to learn as effectively as possiblecrouch (with the right technique), the exercise can begin to be performed in a Smith machine or with small disks that are recommended to be placed under the toes of the feet.

There is also an option to start the exercise atwalls. To do this, you have to stand close to it, fix your hands at the head, elbows to the sides (you can hand on your belt). Begin to perform squats, standing back to the wall. Thanks to this position and knees will not go forward, and the heels will be impossible to tear off the floor. This version of the lead-up exercise to the basic squat well trains the sense of balance, preserves the knee to breathe properly when squatting with a barbell

Another way is squats near the wall withwith a large ball (fitball). At a distance from the wall we fix the ball with the waist. When moving down, it rolls over the spine to the thoracic region, and when it moves upward it returns to its original position. In this case, it is important to monitor the knees (do not they leave behind the toe of the foot).

Having learned to perform at least one of the above options for induction exercises, you can try to do sit-ups with weights (with a barbell or dumbbells).

Efficiency of training

Squats are a very effective exercise forbuild muscle mass, increase the strength of the legs, reduce the fatty layer of the body, develop endurance. Development of these qualities is easy to achieve due to the versatility of the exercise. You can use a different weight of weights, the number of repetitions, and the speed of execution. Correctly selected methodology will help to achieve the desired result in the fastest time.

how to breathe properly when squatting without a bar

Working muscles

  • The biceps femoris.
  • Semi-tendon.
  • Semi-membranous.
  • Four-headed.
  • Gluteal.
  • Extensor spine.
  • Abdominal muscles.

How to breathe correctly during squats

Squats can be done with a barbell, with dumbbells,without equipment. All variants are performed with the same technique and breathing. On inhalation it is necessary to go down, on exhalation - to return to the starting position. There is a difference only if the athlete crouches with large weights. You can consider each option in more detail.

how to breathe correctly when squatting technique breathing

How to breathe correctly in aerobic squats? In this mode, the exercises are performed before the parallel with the floor, in the hall for group programs, to the music. Each repetition is accompanied by a team of instructors. Usually group training uses light equipment: body-bar, dumbbells, fitball, medical balls or without additional weights. Lowering is accompanied by inhalation, lifting - exhalation. Since the speed of the exercise in this exercise can vary, the breathing also changes. For example, if you perform a squatting on 1 count down and one up, then the inhalation and exhalation will match the score. And if you carry 4 bills down and four up, then breathing will change. Each account must be inhaled or exhaled.

Breath during squats with a barbell

Experienced athletes when working with large weightsknow how to breathe properly when squatting with a barbell. Carrying out one repetition with the maximum weight in the hall or at the competitions, the athlete before inhaling downwards takes a breath, holds his breath, and when lifting, when it is necessary to do the impossible, lift the extra weight, exhales, often accompanied by a loud to breathe properly when squatting with dumbbellsConstant visitors of gyms probably saw such trainings. Such a variant of breathing is not welcomed and is allowed only by experienced athletes.

Breathing while doing other exercises

How to breathe correctly in a squat or anotherExercise? It is enough to remember one rule: exhalation takes place on effort, and inspiration at maximum relaxation. For example, how to breathe properly when squats without a bar? The simplest phase of movement is lowering down, which means it's a breath. The complex phase of the movement is ascent, which means it is exhalation. Remembering such a simple rule, you can apply it to all exercises and do not ask yourself any more questions about how to breathe properly. When squatting with dumbbells or in the simulator on the rise, there is always an exhalation. A very important point: the breath is always carried out by the nose, and the exhalation by the mouth.

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