How to slow down on the rollers?

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How to slow down on the rollers?

Buy videos and learn to ride them - this is only half the battle, you still need to learn how to brake them correctly in order to preserve your knees, and sometimes life in one piece. So let's talk about how to slow down on the rollers.

Note that no matter what kind of videos you buy, with or without a brake, you still have to learn how to slow down. The brake provided with the rollers is for the most part a fiction that does not provide strong guarantees for good braking.

Braking methods

It is possible to brake on rollers "unprofessionally" and "professionally." The first method is all that creates a natural barrier to skiing - grass, walls, trees. This method is good for beginners who first stood on the videos. All you need to go on the grass, drive up to the wall or to a tree and cling tightly to the barrier. You can also just stop moving your legs, and the frictional force that arises between the roller wheels and the asphalt itself will stop you.This is the easiest way for beginner skaters. Also, some newcomers are trying to land on the "fifth point". The way, of course, effective, but the priest can suffer.

But these methods are not always effective, and with the growing experience of roller skating I want to learn how to slow down as it should. Therefore, here are a few options on how to properly brake on the rollers:

  1. Braking "plow". To slow down in this way, you need to spread your legs wide apart and begin to slowly reduce the socks of the feet to each other. To learn well how to use this method, you need to have strong leg muscles.
  2. Extend one foot forward and make the back wheel of the front foot contact the front wheel of the second foot. But this, as you understand, must be learned.
  3. Braking by turning and turning. Helps to reduce the speed of sharp small turns on the rollers, while gradually reducing the speed. The turn is done in the following way: the supporting leg continues to move, the ridge of the other leg is placed on the front wheel and turns with its heel towards the supporting leg. An obtuse angle occurs, resulting in inhibition.Let the inertia stop you after the turn. You need to have a good balance for this method of braking.
  4. T-stop - you need to put the ridge of one leg perpendicular to the movement of the other leg. Thus, the friction force will increase dramatically and braking will occur. You also need to have a good balance and apply this method less often if you want the wheels of rollers not to be worn out quickly.
  5. Ways of hockey. They are good already for experienced scooters. The first method is Power Stop. It is necessary to unfold the support horse so that it rolls with the rear wheel, at this time the second leg should describe the arc, straighten up and be across the line of motion. The second way is Parallel-stop. To perform braking in this way, you need to make a sharp reversal with both feet perpendicular to the line of motion. For stability, you can sit down.

In addition, in different situations different methods of braking may be useful, so choose according to the situation. Sometimes to land on the grass or grab a tree is the most reliable way of braking, but where there are no “helpers” and bare asphalt space, you need to use special braking techniques.

For a better understanding of how to slow down on the rollers, the video on our page will be most welcome: look and practice, and then the problem of inhibition on the rollers will disappear once and for all!

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