How to become wider?

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How to become wider?

Physical training is one of the most important components of the life of any person. Someone is content with morning exercises or jogging in the morning, someone devotes more time to exercises and training, visiting the gym. Male representatives, regardless of their level of fitness, are often concerned about how to get wider in their shoulders and build up their back muscles. There are many complexes for such classes, but they are all based on basic exercises.

Basic exercises

Exercises with dumbbells and a barbell are basic in a complex of trainings for muscles of a back and shoulders. They include training with breeding dumbbells lying on a bench, sitting dumbbell bench press, barbell bench press, deadlift. One of the most popular exercises is the Arnold bench press.

Renowned bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger put workout in the first place in his life and was able to achieve truly amazing results. Arnold's Press - an effective exercise that helps increase muscle mass and become wider in the shoulders.

Arnold Bench Technique

  1. It is necessary to sit on the bench so that the back was pressed tightly against the back, and the legs bent at the knees were even on the floor;
  2. Next you need to take the dumbbells with the necessary weight and throw them on the shoulders;
  3. Starting position - spread your elbows to the side, dumbbells to hold with palms, turned to the body - neutral hold;
  4. Take a deep breath, at the moment of holding your breath slowly raise the dumbbells up, fully stretching out your arms, and turn your palms forward;
  5. At the top point, exhale and strain the deltoid muscles as much as possible;
  6. Return to the original position.

What to do if there is no result

It should be remembered that when performing exercises for the muscles of the back and shoulders, it is necessary to gradually increase not the approaches, but the weight of the projectiles that are used for training. Weight will increase precisely due to the increase in load.

Also note that the exercises should be varied. The muscles get used to the same workouts, and as soon as the exercise changes, the muscles immediately react and start to grow.

Proper exercise techniques and regular workouts will help to become wider in the shoulders and make your body fit, athletic and attractive.

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