How to become true?

November 4, 2014
How to become true?

A very large number of marriages falling apart due to adultery of one of the partners. Why do people change so often? After all, most then suffer from remorse of conscience, but still can not cope with their desires. It is especially sad when a woman changes. After all, a woman is the keeper of the home, who must take care of maintaining relationships. Today we will talk about loyalty and how to become a faithful wife, girlfriend, companion. After all, loyalty is one of the main virtues, which is greatly appreciated by men.

How to become true: tips

Many women would like to be faithful to their spouse and more than once made a promise not to look at other men, but in the end they still found themselves in bed with her lover. Let's think about how to prevent this situation.

  • Before you rush into a whirlpool of passion with another man, think about what treason will give you, what you will end up with. Will you win? Yes, you will get a fleeting pleasure, but then all the torments of hell await you: remorse of conscience, lie to her husband, samoedy, suspicions of her husband, quarrels, distrust, etc. Is it worth the betrayal of this? Think in advance about the consequences.
  • Why do women change? They want novelty just like men. Try to look at your spouse with different eyes, find something new in it. Diversify your intimate life: offer your man a variety of role-playing, new poses. Maybe sex in an unusual place will benefit you. Your spouse will appreciate this initiative, be sure!
  • Sometimes women change in order to assert themselves. They want to hear compliments, they want to be admired, idolized them. The husband does not do this, and the woman seeks such praise on the side. In fact, this is nothing but uncertainty and low self-esteem. To feel like a goddess, you do not need confirmation from the side. Increase your self-esteem, feel yourself a goddess today. If you yourself feel like Cinderella, no one will consider you a queen. Go to psychological training for women or read the relevant literature.
  • Find the good qualities of your spouse. If it is the best for you, then you will not have the desire to change. Maybe he cares about you, escorts to work, buys your favorite treat, helps around the house? Concentrate only on good qualities, and pass the flaws past the ears. You will learn to appreciate and respect your man.

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