How to become smarter - exercises and step by step instructions

Hello dear readers! In today's article I will tell you how to become smarter. I’m sure many are looking for an answer to this question.

It is believed that people become intelligent who have innate talent. It turns out that a person born a stupid person cannot be corrected. It is a myth. The brain can be trained and improved throughout life and, if desired, everyone will be smart, regardless of age, wealth and social status.

Step-by-step action plan

I will tell you how to build helpful tips and step-by-step instructions that will help you become smarter. Armed with this information and get a portion of knowledge, you get closer to the goal.

  • Train your brain. This applies even to smart people. Otherwise, lose mental abilities. Constantly activate thought processes. Developed many methods of training the brain: reading books, problem solving. With regard to innovative ways to improve, they are focused on training memory and mental functions.
  • . Write down the step-by-step plan for achieving the strategic goal, indicate how many for a certain period you plan to read books and solve problems. This will track your progress.
  • Read. I recommend reading more because reading books develops the brain. While reading a person thinks. Watch useful video materials, only they activate the brain more weakly.
  • Make your own decisions. People who do this think a lot before making a decision. Putting responsibility on the shoulders of another, you will not become smarter.
  • Chat with smart people. Otherwise, the people around you will express admiration for your intellect. This will increase self-esteem and satisfy the ego. Remember, lack of learning is conducive to degradation. Communicating with smart people will have a negative effect on self-esteem, but this is an effective way to become smarter.
  • Explore the world and expand the horizons. If you sit at home, read encyclopedias and watch educational films, it will not bring results. Many believe that a wise man is a hermit. It's a delusion. Visit new places and, if finances allow, actively travel.
  • Act outside the box. Actions on a pattern hamper the development of the brain, and the invention and application of non-standard solutions contributes to this. Only active improvisation brings new colors to life.
  • Ask yourself tough questions.. Make the search for answers a lot of time. At the same time I recommend using knowledge and life experience. This will force the brain to work actively. The constant support of curiosity did not harm anyone.
  • Observe the daily regimen. Perhaps this advice will seem ridiculous, but I recommend to listen to him. Improper diet along with insomnia, cigarettes and alcohol does not allow the brain to work normally. That is why it is so important to eat healthy food, stop smoking and stop drinking. Pay attention to sleep, exercise, walk, eat foods containing vitamins of the "B" group: nuts, fish and liver with vegetables.
  • Do not disregard spiritual self-development.. Methods of spiritual development open new horizons and abilities of the brain. Meditate to clear the mind of anxiety and unpleasant thoughts.

I forgot to mention how to make sure that intelligence has improved.This will help test for IQ, which I recommend periodically to pass. Under conditions of continuous work on themselves, the results of subsequent tests will increase. This is evidence that you are getting smarter and moving in the right direction.

Video Tips

How to become smarter and wiser

People seek advice from authoritative individuals and the older generation, believing that wisdom comes with age. No one thinks about becoming smarter and wiser than himself. And this is real even at a young age.

Mind and wisdom are different concepts. Not all intelligent people are wise, and vice versa. Every person on the planet seeks to find happiness. Some hold the opinion that this is only for the wise men.

  1. Inquisitive people become smart, and this is true. That is why it is recommended to read books, communicate with smart people, strive to expand skills and knowledge. True, do not forget that this will not open the way to wisdom.
  2. A person seeks authority and wealth. Becoming smart, you can build a career and earn a great income. It is not surprising that the rich provide education for children.
  3. A clever person is different from a sage in terms of knowledge, which is much more. At the same time, there are more happy people among the sages because they know what things in life deserve attention.
  4. If you understand the difference, you will treat information sources clearly. This will help acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that will be useful in life. And remember that the lack of necessary knowledge is a direct path to unhappiness.
  5. Hear and see analyze. In this case, subject to severe criticism, because an objective assessment allows you to become wiser.
  6. Sages know that everyone wants happiness. But, each has its own approach to achieve the goal. That is why deep thinking that will provide an understanding of what is required for a happy life.
  7. A good mind helps brain training. That is why keep it in good shape, which contributes to healthy eating, playing sports and relaxing in the fresh air. To improve skills constantly hone them. For example, if you shake your muscles, over time you will notice that they have become more massive and firmer. In the case of the brain is similar. If you want to be smarter in any field, do it only.
  8. I recommend exercise for people involved in mental work. Exercises purify and relax the mind, saturate the brain with oxygen. Sports activities increase metabolism, which increases the speed of cleaning the brain from toxins. He gets more nutrients.
  9. Nutrition - the guarantee of a healthy body. Revise your diet to include more vitamins and nutrients. Eat fruits, vegetables and greens.
  10. If you stick to a diet, do not completely give up carbohydrates - the source of glucose supplying the brain. It is noteworthy that about twenty percent of the body's energy goes to work the brain.
  11. Take care of a full sleep mode. For a good rest, an adult needs 8 hours. I recommend to sleep as much as necessary for normal well-being and recuperation.

If you start to move in the direction of the goal, do not forget that work on wear and tear to good will not. As a result, not improved intelligence awaits, but reduced mental abilities. Act deliberately, carefully and within the normal range.

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What books to read to become smarter

The last part of the article I will devote to improving intellectual abilities through books at home. People read for information.And it is not surprising, because it increases intelligence and improves life. There are many books, which complicates the allocation of time for reading.

As practice shows, some people use reading for fun, while others try to get benefit. It takes a lot of time to read a book, and literally in a month it is forgotten. As for reading books to increase intellectual abilities - a kind of work that is awarded throughout life. Choose books wisely.

Everyone must read the news to stay informed. However, news does not expand intellectual abilities and quickly become obsolete. A detailed look at the books that will make smarter.

  • Pay special attention to scientific literature. If you think that it is represented only by volumes with convoluted terms, you are mistaken. In this section there are books that promote a normal understanding of the world. They talk about people and society.
  • The advantage of such books is the ability to develop curiosity and arouse a desire for learning. With the help of scientific literature, you can develop intuition and increase interest in the world and personal abilities.
  • Do not disregard the philosophy, which is based on analytical thinking. Experts call philosophy the science of human life. This category includes religious writings. Books like the Koran or the Bible call people for a good and meaningful life.
  • Philosophy is losing popularity, giving way to technology and technology. Remember, we live in a world of people, not machines. Many people with the help of philosophy determine the wishes and needs, gain knowledge, allowing to introduce ideas.
  • As for serious fiction, many consider it as a collection of fictional stories. This opinion is shared only by persons without imagination. The great novel is able to send us to a new world and to introduce a different reality. And since the basis of the classical works is the history of a couple with philosophy and psychology, fiction contributes to the expansion of consciousness.
  • Reading in a literary language, increase the accuracy of thoughts, letters and speech. If you read foreign literature in the original, it will contribute to improving the intelligence and development of the English language.
  • The story is considered boring, because it is associated with the school course, which involves the study of facts, names and dates.At the same time, history is a collection of incredible ideas and exciting events that have contributed to the formation of civilization. Close familiarity with the past allows you to understand the present. Of course, history is not able to predict the future, but it contributes to a better understanding of events and makes life conscious.
  • You can even increase your intelligence through poetry. Poetry is an easy genre focused on the conquest of girls. But people who think so, deprive themselves of the opportunity to understand the secret meaning of words. Good poetry is a collection of meaning, music, love and beauty. It is thanks to her in the conditions of the modern world that the first masterpieces of mankind are accessible to us. With the help of poetry, develop eloquence and hone language skills.

The main role in enhancing intelligence in the home is a book, not a genre. Works, which author to give preference, you decide. After the advent of the Internet, it became easier to choose books. Enough to look at the thematic site and read its summary. If it turns out to be uninteresting, do not buy.

As you read, consider everything to realize new ideas and improve your intelligence.The purpose of reading should be self-improvement.

For many, reading is a hobby. Perhaps it does not allow to achieve success in scientific activities, but contributes to self-improvement and development. Life requires us to be intelligent, intelligent and cunning.

I am surprised by people who stop working on themselves. I advise you to constantly read and watch educational programs on TV, because it makes life more interesting.

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A well-read person always behaves with dignity. Even if they make a joke on him, he fights back, voicing a small, but “prickly” remark, which he learned from books. Read and improve.

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