How to beat a twisted ball?

A twisted ball is one of the most effective (andthe most effective) blows, known to both players and spectators. In the skilful legs (yes, yes, that's right), this is a weapon against which the goalkeeper can hardly resist. There are cases when the goalkeeper "took" a twisted ball and literally flew into the gate with him (with a strong blow from close range) or caught him and ... missed. As a result, another score was registered on the scoreboard. The task of the article is to explain to beginners how to correctly beat a twisted ball.

Twisted BallBefore proceeding to practice, I would like toto focus attention on one more advantage of this particular strike. The fact is that a twisted ball is dangerous not only for the goalkeeper. Having learned this blow, you can easily pass through the field, including through the defender. A twisted ball is great for making a penalty and corner.

Let's start with the theory

  1. The trajectory of the ball depends on the accuracy of the impact. Here, too, you need to take aim.

  2. The ball, struck to the right, will fly to the left. Accordingly, the same will be the rotation.

  3. The ball, struck to the left, will fly to the right. Accordingly, it will rotate the same way (to the right).

  4. Well twisted and accurate will get the ball, hitthe inside of the foot. Are there other options? Of course. However, the ball will be less twisted. Yes, and master these strokes for many novice players is much more difficult.

Now, practiceHow to beat a twisted ball

Let's start with the take-off and determine the supporting leg. Let's say you are going to hit a twisted ball with the inside of the foot. To do this, take a run to the right, if it is convenient to beat the left foot, and vice versa. Need to "estimate" and the angle of acceleration. Ideally - 45 ° (in relation to the ball). You can take a direct run, but it's no longer possible to tighten the ball well. The accuracy of the impact also decreases. Raising the power of rotation can increase the angle or distance.

At the beginning of training do not put the supporting leg for a long distance. However, too close a distance is very undesirable. During the impact you must feel the balance, the support.

How to beat a twisted ball? The impact must fall on its lower part. At the moment of impact, the stop is carried to the far upper part of the ball. In this way, he twists. All this takes a split second. Spinning the ball around the axis will force a stroke in passing. Pay attention at this moment to the work of your knee - it should follow the blow afterwards, giving additional twisting force and setting the trajectory.

How to correctly beat a twisted ballBy the way, the twisted ball is very similar to a pass with a cheek -The same area of ​​the foot is used, but the foot turns when it strikes. Want to increase the accuracy? Immediately after the impact, deploy the chest and shoulders to the target.

Tune in for long and hard workouts. This is a pretty hard blow. Start it with the definition of the target. In this capacity, any well-visible object: a cone, a bottle, an ordinary stone. The main thing - do not chase the ball across the field just like that. The goal will allow you to learn how to calculate the accuracy and impact strength. Start with 10 meters, and the time of increasing the distance you determine yourself. Agree, to beat the goal (and even see the results) is much more convenient and pleasant than rolling the ball into nowhere. Make the ball rotate first. The strength and accuracy of your impact will work out later.

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