How to arrange a child's day?

day of the childIt seems that it's very easy to arrange a child's day. Well, what could be the problem? Several contests, a concert, a lottery, and a holiday will be held with a bang. For the entertainment of children this is, of course, an appropriate option, but the purpose of the event is not so much to arrange spectacular events as to explain, including to the children, their rights, freedoms, problems existing in the world. How to do it so as not to overload people with information, but to hold explanations, having arranged an unforgettable holiday, to achieve the goal set by the UN?

When the Day of the Child is celebrated

The UN has invited countries to set the date themselvesevent. November 20 is the day of the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. But each country itself was determined with the time of the celebration. So, in the post-Soviet countries on June 1, Children's Day is celebrated. 2013 was not an exception. Magic performances and concert programs were held by all children's institutions. In schools and on playgrounds, in kindergartens and camps, celebrations, games and just entertainment for children were arranged. The main thing in this day is to tell the kids that they are under the protection not only of the state, but also of the international community.

Children's Day 2013

Children's Day - an opportunity for charity

This has long been a tradition, which, tofortunately, does not disappear, give children that day gifts, help. Any self-respecting entrepreneur tries to visit a children's institution, and for no reason. Children's homes, foster families and other social institutions are paying special attention to Children's Day. In such temporary shelters for children, something is always missing. There is no secret that social institutions lack material resources. Those who are not indifferent to our future, the reason is not needed. They bring their best gifts at any time. But from the fact that most of the rich people are trying to "propiaritsya", endowing the kids with the holiday, there is also a certain benefit. The advice to entrepreneurs is this: find out what an institution needs before spending money. And you - benefit, and children - joy. You do not care what money to spend, and the children's home and its inhabitants will be thankful to you immensely for a useful present.

To be remembered

holiday children's dayChildren of any fuss are happy, most importantly - to be bored notIt was. But if you want to arrange a memorable holiday - Children's Day, then you need to come up with something special! So, you can create an enchanting show by children's forces, record it on video and send it to the contest. For each group of children, the approach must be individual. You can even "rob a bank". Then to disassemble the "crime" in the indicative "trial". When children themselves put forward ideas and prepare an event - unforgettable experience is guaranteed. In each individual case it is better to think up something personal, to listen to the ideas of the "perpetrators" of the holiday. Remember how they fantasized in their childhood, and let their pupils take the initiative.

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