How to apply the gel?

Tatyana Getmanets
Tatyana Getmanets
January 14, 2013
How to apply the gel?

The gel is a jelly-like transparent mass. It is an excellent alternative to varnishes, mousses and hair mousses. The gel is used, both by women and men, for styling hair and creating a stylish hairstyle. In addition, the gel can perfectly give the hair the effect of "moisture", which looks very original, especially on short hair. How to apply gel on hair in order to preserve the pristine haircut or hairstyle for a long time?

What are the gels

The gel is weak, strong and ultrastrong fixation. So, before applying the gel on the hair, you need to decide in advance what a woman wants to “portray” on her head. For example, strands wavy and curly, you need a gel with the effect of wet hair. And if it is necessary to give a smooth head of hair, then a gel of medium fixation is appropriate.

Gel, by the way, not only deals with your hair, but also monitors the condition of the hair. The gel does not intend to spoil and break down the hair structure, therefore it contains a balanced amount of vitamins and trace elements.How to apply the gel so that the hair does not become brittle and dull? There are harmless gels that absolutely do not contain alcohol, but are based only on natural ingredients. By the way, the gel with can be used twice a week, so that the hair has the opportunity to "relax" from such an aid for styling.

How to use the gel

Basically, the gel is applied to wet hair, but there are exceptions if you just need to tweak the hairstyle or make pointed tips on the haircut. An average portion of the gel is squeezed onto the hands, and the entire composition is evenly distributed on all the hair. Then the hair is dried and blown hair. The effect, as they say, on the head! Any hairstyle under the action of the gel is fixed perfectly and can please the girl throughout the day.

By the way, if a woman has a desire to reward her head with wavy large strands, then here is a gel to help. It is also applied to the hair that is still wet after washing, and then the woman can twist the strands with curling irons or curlers.

For special occasions, stylists propose to use, so to speak, "holiday" gels.They contain colored glitter, smell wonderful and shimmer in different shades of light.

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