How to add oki?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
October 15, 2014
How to add oki?

Many social networks practice paid services. These services are rendered for a special virtual “currency” that has circulation in a particular social network. For example, on the Odnoklassniki website, you can send gifts, buy the opportunity for a higher rating of posted photos, or close (restrict access) your profile for ok (OK). So called virtual money on "Classmates".

More information about this “currency” can be found in the article What is “Oki”. And we will tell you how to add okes in Odnoklassniki in legal ways.

Acquisition OK for real money

The easiest, most affordable, and most common way to add money is to buy them for real money. How to add oki to your account? Under your photo on the personal page there is a menu from which you need to select the “deposit account” item. After that you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to deposit money into your account in several ways.

  1. Through electronic payment systems.Payment of fetters through “WebMoney”, “PayPal”, “QIWI wallet” is conducted at the rate of 1: 1. Moreover, buying more than 100 shackles through these systems, you get bonuses in the form of additional virtual currency.
  2. Through “” for 100 OK, you pay 90 rubles, and through “Mobile Payment Megaphone” for 100 OK you pay 111 rubles.
  3. Credit cards "MasterCard" and "Visa". When paying for your credit card credit cards, you also purchase them at the rate of 1: 1. Buying more than 100 shackles, you get bonuses in the form of additional virtual currency.
  4. Via mobile phone. But replenishing the account through a mobile phone, you significantly overpay. Since for 20 OK you will have to pay 35 rubles, and for 100 OK you will have 175 rubles.
  5. Through the payment terminal. Payment is also carried out at the rate of 1 p. for 1 ok.

Another method of payment - "Yandex Money". There is also a one-to-one course. True, links to pay on the site "Classmates" you will not find. You can top up your account directly from your personal wallet in the Yandex Money system.

Free ok

In the network you will find many offers to get free OK. There are even instructions telling how to add oki for free. However, all this is nothing more than the tricks of network fraudsters, who offer to replenish their account with the help of special programs, via SMS and other false functions.

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