How to achieve the desired?

We admire those people who know how to set goals in life and achieve them. After all, almost everyone has their own goals or dreams, to which we strive, but many can dream, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to translate their desires into reality. But still it is fixable. This article will help you understand how to achieve what you want. So, let's begin.

Goal setting

Any achievement of something desired begins with the correct setting of the goal. People tend to be too abstract dreams, too general. For example: “do your business”, “become a cool writer”, “improve your body”, etc. But if you think only in this way, while dreaming, doing nothing, then success is simply unrealistic.

It is necessary to specify as much as possible the desires, reasonably to think over them from the practical point of view. "I want my business" - what kind, what scale, how to organize it, taking into account the maximum profit and my knowledge and skills, what should I learn before opening a business? "I want to be a great writer" - in which genre,What secrets of writing should I learn and master them? Will my books be popular and interesting for the reader and what should I do to achieve this? “I want to improve my body” - what exactly can be done for this: to walk into a tanning bed or buy and use creams to improve skin, start training (which ones, when, with what frequency), etc. As you can see, there are a lot of questions, but all of them are necessary to make a wish concrete. Therefore, your first step is to find out exactly what exactly you want to achieve.

In addition, try to think sensibly and adequately assess yourself. If you are deprived by nature of the necessary data, it is better to give up this desire and realize yourself in another.

Thinking about the final result

It is also necessary to determine the end result that you want to achieve. For this psychology, there is a popular method of visualization of the result. You need to accurately present yourself to the person who has already achieved the desired, visualize it in your imagination. Then you will understand exactly what kind of result you want to strive for.

Active activities

A rolling stone gathers no moss.Popular wisdom is right in this case. While you sit on the couch and dream, you will not achieve anything. I wish goals to be achieved - it means that I act for this!

If the achievement of a goal is connected with long-term and constant actions, then make a schedule of necessary tasks for yourself, plan a certain time for their implementation. For example, to learn a foreign language or to pump up a beautiful body, you need to train at least several times a week. Choose the most comfortable time for yourself during the week. Develop a course of classes and obey your plan despite laziness, the desire to relax and so on. Achieving the goal requires effort, so you should not be lazy.

If the goal is to get something that requires different efforts from a person, make a list of consecutive tasks and cross them out as you go. For example, if you want to buy a car, the tasks may be as follows: the first is to determine the brand of car, the second is to pass on the rights, the third is to accumulate the necessary amount, the fourth is to buy a car, etc.

Also be prepared for possible difficulties. The higher and larger the task, the more it will require attention and effort from you.You may have to deny yourself something, force yourself to live in a certain mode and framework, sacrifice something, maybe in the process of achieving the desired you will have to change something in your life. This question should also be considered in advance before proceeding to achieve the desired. Are you ready for all this? If so, go ahead!


How to achieve the desired maximum? It is also important not only to act, but also to constantly monitor the result of their actions. Some small tasks that are broken into the main may be difficult. It is better not to run at a gallop across Europe or to abandon your dream, but try to understand what exactly fails and how to fix it. Learn a foreign language, but do not understand its individual moments? Find a tutor who will explain this to you and help you understand. Can't save up for a car? Think about making some extra money or saving on something.

Summing up at each stage helps not only to understand what is not and how it can be corrected, but also to show you your results. Seeing the first positive results, you will feelthat you are working to achieve desire, which means there will be a surge of strength and an even greater desire to achieve what you want! You can also come up with a mini-reward after completing the next task, it also helps a lot.

Let's summarize. I wish to achieve the goal, then:

  • Clearly imagine what I want to achieve.
  • I visualize the final result.
  • Create a plan to achieve the goal and stick to it.
  • Ready to change your plan or life in order to achieve the goal.
  • Competently and adequately analyze my achievements, summarizing.

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