How to take a person?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
October 23, 2014
How to take a person?

Almost every person has heard the phrase: "His soul is in the dark." In a literal sense, it means that many people find it difficult to understand themselves, their actions and words. What to say about others. However, in life it is extremely important to understand another person. Consider how to accept a person and how to try not to pay attention to his shortcomings.

All people are different

It should be remembered that each of us has his own character, each has his own life experience. Therefore, we are all different. And we all make mistakes. To better understand people, you need to communicate more with them. Psychologists are advised to communicate with different people - representatives of various professions, it is also recommended to communicate with believers.

With each person you need to find a common language. If only because in the end it can turn into a benefit for you. You should always make friends, not vice versa. However, it is not necessary to communicate with those people who really behave towards you and their surroundings badly, and even more so if they commit bad deeds. From such, as they say in the well-known saying, you can’t get enough.And in order to better understand people and read them like a book, we recommend reading the article How to read a person as a book.

How to point out flaws

We all have a tendency to make small mistakes. However, we can be better if someone points us to them. At the same time, if we want to change a person for the better, we ourselves can focus on his shortcomings.

If you have noticed the shortcomings of another, you can make comments in a very delicate manner. Yaro should not criticize a person. So we are arranged, the charges do not like. Sometimes small mistakes are often made by people who are not very attentive and diligent. It is delicate to remind of zeal, as a sign of accuracy is much more efficient than to blame for insolvency. To make a remark unobtrusively - aerobatics of the art of communication.

4 tips of reasonable criticism:

  1. Give approval to a person, especially when it comes to good deeds on his part.
  2. Friendly and clearly articulate the flaw. Moreover, it is better to do it without further ado.
  3. Always listen carefully to a person before criticizing him.
  4. Offer to act differently.For example, if a problem arises, then you can offer a solution based on the knowledge of the person. Use the best of his qualities to come to a compromise.

How to take a person

Despite the criticism of the person, we should not quarrel with him and repel. Anyone need to take. It is necessary to fight with its shortcomings. You need to try to set up a guilty person to overcome problems. Create conditions conducive to the realization of wrong actions.

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