How not to go into the army by law? How not to join the army: Ukraine

With the achievement of military age many young menare wondering how to do so so as not to go into the army. Ukraine is not a country with a totalitarian regime, so there are options and there is a choice. But someone uses cunning and not entirely legal methods, for example, simulates the disease. Others go to extremes and generally get themselves a whole bunch of diagnoses. But all these methods are dangerous not only from a criminal point of view, but in some cases also for health.

Such methods of "slope" are best avoided by the party also because there are safer and legal options for solving this problem. So, how can you not go to the army by law?

how not to join the Ukrainian army

Knowledge is light

After graduation, young people facea difficult choice, which, perhaps, will determine the whole subsequent life. For young men, this is the choice between an army and a higher education institution. Higher education is not only a diploma that will be very useful in the future, but also, as a bonus, an answer to the question of how not to go into the army by law. Simply put, either a soldier or a student.

But here there are some nuances that are worth itto disassemble in detail. For example, in order not to detect a summons in the mailbox, it is necessary to learn exclusively on the full-time form of education. Correspondence form of training implies a place in the list of recruits who are fit for service. In addition, you should not wait a year after school, not hurrying up with the receipt, since the military registration and enlistment office, without finding the name of the potential recruit in the list of applicants, will kindly accept under his wing.

But there is good news. In the case of academic holidays, you can relax and not be afraid that the uncle in the shoulder straps will knock on the door one day. But only on the condition that the training will continue from the moment of its interruption, that is, without the extension of the term.

how not to go into the army for health

The same situation occurs with the restoration. With the expulsion, no one will be driven into the army with rifles, but on condition that the recovery occurs in the next timeframe (otherwise there is a chance of getting under the autumn call) and this will not affect the total training time. That is, with the deduction, suppose, from the second year, you need to recover to the second course, but not the first. Otherwise, there is a risk of recovery after service.

There is another option with a military school. You can think of training at the institute with a military department. An excellent option, because a couple of lessons on military training can survive. And that's basically a theory. The truth is, in this case, you do not have to relax completely, because the military department is actually a ranks of reserve troops. And the call is possible with a probability of up to 50%. And in the case of hostilities and in general up to 100%.

Not quite a legal option (but this is also done) -"study abroad. The conscript simply forges a letter from a foreign institution that he was accepted for training. The military registration and enlistment office checks only the presence of a foreign passport from such a young man. Only a letter to the military enlistment office should be attributed to one of the relatives, and not the "student" himself.

Masters at Sight

Many graduates of higher educationinstitution are wondering about how not to go into the army after the institute. Magister, the last time out of the doors of the school and not wishing to serve in the army, it is worth considering. Maybe you should not leave the place of study after all? It makes sense to think about graduate school. Two more years, and after that the draft age will pass. Yes, and opens up new opportunities. But here everyone chooses independently.

how can one not join the army

If you do not want to go to graduate school, then stillyou can not go to the army by law? Then it is necessary to lift all the certificates from the hospital, remember all the diseases that you are ill, you can go to the polyclinic. But this method is universal, so about it a little later.


There is another way of how not to join the armyaccording to law. Pacifists, believers and other representatives of the civilian population, who do not want to go into the army on personal convictions, have obtained the right to refuse to serve. But here there are some nuances.

So, how not to go into the army on convictions? Just say "I do not want"? If everything was so easy, the whole country would come to the military enlistment office and say that beliefs do not allow. But specifically in this case there is always a civil service. And it lasts longer. And this is not the option when you need to go to work from your home, and closer to the evening to go back.

First, in the civil service no one is payingwill, and secondly, most likely, send a postman to the countryside or a hospital order to the hospital at the far end of the world. So if you are thinking about how not to go into the army, and pursue the goal of staying at home, then this method will not work. But if the goal is to keep the convictions, then the option with the civil service is ideal.

What and how to do to not join the army? This question is not asked by priests, teachers and doctors who are ready to move. The army will not be taken (more precisely, they will be taken only at will) of young teachers and doctors who will decide to work in the village. The same goes for the clergy, but they do not even need to move to the countryside.

how not to join the army

Another option is to pay a fine. But the practice is very uncommon, if in court a jury does not like something - you can sit down. And the method itself is not cheap. So it's better to leave it in case of emergency.

Other social reasons

Do not enlist young people who haveto have a family and two children. But even if there is a pregnant girl, but the young are not yet married, you can still "slough". Do not take those who have parents, retired or disabled (or in the family there is at least one disabled or seriously ill person), orphans and breadwinners. Temporarily release from the army those young men whose elder brother is already serving.

Sick and happy?

So it came to the most tasty morsel -the most popular way "to slash from the army." How not to join the army in health? Someone is honest, some do not, but provide themselves with diseases even before the draft age and with pleasure or (less often) with sadness observes the inscription "Not good" on the military sheet. And no more thinking about how not to join the army. Everything has already been decided.

How to legally not join the armyhealth? The list of diseases that allow you to legally "slough" off the army, has almost 400 pages. There, both enuresis and schizophrenia, but not every student of the theater can play the sick. Disease variants are very, very many and everywhere there are certain rules. Therefore, here, too, should probe the soil and figure out how not to go into the army with the disease. So, about everything in order.

Temporary damage

Suppose a person has a fractured arm. And here it is, the autumn call. Of course, no conscript will be forced to join the army. But everyone understands that the hand will grow together, and this is, rather, just a reprieve. Therefore, such diseases are not the solution to the problem. And not every disease is better than the army. Therefore, in no case should not expose your life to a risk. Especially desperate characters prefer to get three concussions or break something themselves. Such radical measures should not be taken.

how not to go into the army by law

Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are much more significantargument. Chronic bronchial asthma, vertebral instability, vegetative-vascular dystonia in more or less neglected form will provide a real invisibility cloak for the military commissariat. This is due to the fact that no one wants to take responsibility for accidents, which can lead to deterioration of the patient's condition or even to a fatal outcome. And people who have a history of serious illnesses are at greater risk than others.

The standard way to "slough" off the army is to buyhelp. True, it is not difficult to verify such a document, and this is already a criminal offense. But if the goal is not to go into the army in any way and even at the cost of one's own freedom, then, of course, the idea has the right to life.

Healthy like a bull

If there are no diseases, it is worthwhile to look through all the referencesand the recording of doctors in a medical record, to dig through all the tests. Perhaps something will come up or be remembered. All the information should be collected in a folder (the thicker, the better) and visit the military enlistment office.

how to do not to join the army

If this did not help, then the last one remains.option. It is necessary to undergo a full medical examination in the hospital. Maybe that will come up. Of course, the logical question is why, if everything is already found in the military registration and enlistment office, they are examined and diagnosed. This is very unlikely. The purpose of the military registration and enlistment office is to recruit as many conscripts as possible, so, most likely, the paper will be printed on the piece "Goden." In addition, if there are several diseases and the information is carefully collected and prepared, such a weighty argument in the form of a pile of certificates about ailments is more likely to cast doubt on the suitability for service.

Some statistics

In fact, less than 20% of young men of military agethey want to serve in the army, the majority (50%) is ready to pay the debt to the Motherland only on a contract basis, the fourth part - basically do not want to serve. They are afraid of hazing, accidents, crimes against conscripts from the side of officers and senior associates.


Of course, a year in the army - this is scary for manyyoung men of draft age. But this is only a year. What is the year in the barracks compared to the four or six years in the hostel? Students will think that the army at least fed, and sleep on schedule. So before you look for options to "slope" off the army, you should ask yourself the question of whether it's worth it.

how not to join the army

So, there are several ways how not to goserve in the army. Among them: illegal - bribe, pretend, escape, and as a result - go to jail; suicidal - specially to pick up diseases and earn fractures, concussions; in the hope of a fine; legal - beliefs, training and health. There are also those who are ready to become covered with tattoos with quotes from the Criminal Code and obscene expressions.

Summarizing, it is worth emphasizing that military service is a personal choice for everyone, but one should not go to extremes in such matters.

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