How many years do wavy parrots live? Lifetime of Budgies

Probably, before each person acquiring a feathered pet, there are similar questions: “How to keep? What to feed? How many years have lived? ”Budgerigar is very popular among residents of city apartments, so we will talk about this type of exotic birds.

Budgies: general description

how many years do wavy parrots live

Wavy parrots like adults and children, because they are small cute birds that can conquer any person. They do not occupy much space in the apartment, and even a child can handle their care.

It is surprising that these parrots weigh only about 40 grams! But how much joy they bring to their owners. Watching wavy parrots is a pleasure, however, as well as communicating with them. They are able to imitate different sounds, beautifully sing, talk and even perform simple acrobatic stunts. With such a pet obviously do not get bored.

Life expectancy of wavy parrots is primarily due to their appearance. Usually small species do not live as long as larger members, such as ara, kakadu or jaco. But for them and care will be more difficult.

How many years have wavy parrots live in the wild?

wavy parrots life expectancy

Ornithologists have noticed that in the wild wavy parrots usually live up to 3-5 years, some individuals manage to become "long-livers" at the age of 8-10 years. But this is not old age. Such a short life span is explained by the peculiarities of habitat conditions. These little birds constantly have to get their food and look for a place to sleep, escaping from numerous predators and bad weather. In addition, how many years a wavy parrot lives is influenced by such factors as diseases. And these tiny birds are not so little. All of these aggressive habitats in the wild kill still quite young parrots.

How long do wavy parrots live at home?

In the flat wavy parrot, in principle, it is much more comfortable to live, if, of course, its owner takes care of him properly.You do not need to get food - the owner pours it into the feeder every day. There are no predators in the apartment, except for cats and dogs. By the way, they pose no less danger to budgerigars than other predators in the wild. There are many cases when a cat ate a bird or scared it before the heart broke. Dogs may not hunt for parrots, but they may inadvertently pin down their paw or wound their teeth in the game. Therefore, it is worth thinking a hundred times, before bringing home-made ptakh, if you already have large pets.

how long wavy parrots live

When all conditions are created for a favorable existence, the term of life is much extended. By the way, this applies not only to feathered pets. So, in apartment conditions, the life of wavy parrots is 10-15 years. But sometimes there are long-lived birds that die from old age at the age of 20-22 years.

What determines the lifespan of a wavy parrot?

We have already mentioned some reasons for the short life of budgerigars. We list additional factors that will prolong the life of your feathered pet:

Proper nutrition is the key to a wavy parrot's health.

Some owners say that their feathered pet eats everything: cookies, sausage, rolls, paper - and everything is fine with it. But it's not right. If nothing happens to the parrot now, this does not mean that in the near future it will not adversely affect his health. Some die immediately, others a little later.

The bird will not be able to feed itself in a balanced way, and it does not matter whether it is a wild or a domestic wavy parrot. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to buy high-quality food. The rate for a single wavy - 1.5-2 teaspoons per day. But one grain will not be enough for proper nutrition. Parrots still need vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it is very useful to give germinated food - a storehouse of vitamin E. It is worth exploring the thematic forums about how much, how and how to feed wavy parrots, they contain a lot of useful information.

My home is my castle

female wavy parrot

Parrots do not care where they live. Therefore, in advance, take care of your bird's house. The larger the cage, the better. When choosing, pay attention to the length and width, which should be sufficient for the parrot to freely spread its wings and fly from one perch to another.Of course, flying around the room should not be neglected either, especially if you bought a cage that is not large enough.

Remember once and for all - the round cage is not suitable for keeping birds. They are poorly oriented. Think for yourself, would you be comfortable if you were forced to live in a round room in which you could not find a cozy corner? And it is better to place the cage against the wall so that the bird can cling to it if something frightens it.

If you have in plans not only a male, but also a female wavy parrot, then the cage should be even larger. The minimum size of a single bird house is 40 x 25 x 30 cm (length, width, height). For a pair of parrots, these figures should be a little more - 60 x 30 x 40 cm. But if your cage is larger, so much the better for the life of your feathered friend.

Light - the source of wavy parrot life

home wavy parrot

In their natural habitat, budgerigars wake up at dawn and fall asleep at dawn, so they get a fair dose of sunlight.

Lighting plays a huge role in the life of birds. If you are awake at night, this can adversely affect the life span of your feathered pet. In winter, the duration of the day should be 10-12 hours, and in the summer period - 12-14 hours.If you still have chickens parrots, then the light should be on for 14-16 hours. The stores sell special lamps that mimic the natural light needed for the normal development of birds.

Stress has a negative effect on budgerigars

Budgerigars are gregarious birds, they constantly communicate with each other. If you are planning a single content, then only you will become a companion for your feathered friend. Therefore, if you are constantly not at home, and you will not give proper attention to the buddy, he may simply get bored.

parrots chicks

Loneliness is a stress for a small sociable bird. And the extra worries have a bad effect on life expectancy. The parrot may begin to pluck itself, lose its plumage or become aggressive.

In fact, there are many sources of stress. For example, living side by side with an unfriendly cat, constantly turning on and off the light during the day, even you can scare the poor bird if you persistently try to make friends with a new pet. What do you think, how many years do wavy parrots live, if you keep them in constant fear? Probably the answer is obvious. It is extremely and extremely small.Some parrots may be so scared that they have a heart failure. So try to ensure your feathery friend a calm and happy life.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect the life expectancy of parrots. Therefore, how much your pet will stay with you depends on you. Provide all the conditions for the normal existence of a parrot - and then he will delight you for a very long time.

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