How many teeth does a shark have? Counting is not amenable

A shark, a bloodthirsty predator, a thunderstorm of the seas andoceans, attacks lightning fast, does not know pity, is deadly dangerous. This short, but true characterization concerns only three species of sharks. Extremely fast and aggressive four-meter shark "mako", brown death. A large white shark, 6-7 meters long, is a prototype of the monster in the film "Jaws." And a tiger shark, five meters long, is the most fearless, capable of attacking even a whale. There are only three sharks from more than 400 species. The remaining sharks are less dangerous because of slowness, not very aggressive and often just cowardly. However, if a shark is hungry, it becomes very dangerous. And if the shark suddenly smelled the smell of blood, it immediately wedges and it becomes a machine for killing.

how many teeth does a shark have?The most dangerous sharks are thermophilic, keep closer tothe equator. Favorite habitats for mako and tiger shark are warm waters in the coastal zone. And the white shark feels great anywhere in the seas and oceans. Sharks, as representatives of marine fauna, do not possess a herd instinct and very rarely gather in flocks. Hunt is preferred alone and only during the breeding season begin to communicate with each other. Millions of years of existence - such a long evolution once and for all determined the rules of life of the shark and the other it will never be.

how many rows of teeth does a shark have?The main and only weapon of the sea predator -it's teeth, more precisely jaws with several rows of teeth. How many rows of teeth a shark, depends on its kind. The load on the shark's teeth is unprecedented, she has to grasp her teeth all indiscriminately, her teeth break, crumble and fall out. Therefore, nature took care of the predator, and the shark has a genetic mechanism for changing teeth. This process passes quickly, and it depends on how many teeth the shark will have in the near future. Cyclical change of teeth approximately every two weeks in young individuals and once every two months in old sharks. And the new teeth do not grow in place of those that fell out, but already lie at the ready, huddled against the gums. The old teeth go away, the new row rises and is ready for work. Thus, the shark always has several rows of new teeth in stock, and the question of how many teeth a shark does not need.

how many shark teethFor example, a white shark and a tiger always"Your teeth are full of mouth." In each of the 4-6 rows, folded back and pressed, there are up to 300 teeth. There were several attempts to calculate how many teeth a whale had. It turns out about 15 thousand. The shape of each tooth for different sharks is also different. Classical triangular in white shark and complex teeth with small serrations along the edges of the tiger shark. In some species of sharks, teeth are irregular, somewhat abstract in shape. From the base to the tip, the tooth warps and becomes thin. Such a tooth does not bite something hard, but if it clings to any flesh, then it will be tight, it will not let go. Such teeth in the mouth of a shark are usually smaller, as they break less often. The task of such teeth is to tear the flesh of the victim, and not to cut and crush it.

scary weaponSometimes in a shark during a hunt two or twothree rows of teeth, but only the front row is constantly involved, both on the upper and lower jaws. Jaws and teeth of sharks - this is a fairly complex and at the same time well-established system. Nature gave the bottom sharks, for example, smaller teeth, but with sharply sharpened edges, so that it would be easier to bite the shells of crabs and lobsters, chitinous shells of crayfish and sea snails. But it is not known how many teeth a shark has, if it lives in the bottom zone, some have more, others have less. Sharks, floating in the upper layers of the water, feeding on seals and seals, received from nature long curved, dagger-like teeth that pierce deeply into the body of the victim.

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How many teeth does a shark have Counting is not amenable How many teeth does a shark have Counting is not amenable How many teeth does a shark have Counting is not amenable How many teeth does a shark have Counting is not amenable How many teeth does a shark have Counting is not amenable